Caring for Others, Nawakara Clean the Mosque and Give Alms

Caring for Others, Nawakara Clean the Mosque and Give Alms

Padang Lawas – Security personnel of the Nawakara Project ANJA Binanga (RO Pekanbaru) carried out social service cleaning the mosque environment in Pulo Bariang Village, Tobing Tinggi Village, and Pasir Pinang Village, Padang Lawas Regency, North Sumatra, Friday (23/4). This activity is part of the ANJA Binanga Project work program to build good relations with the community in the work area of PT ANJ Agri Binanga.

The Head of the ANJA Binanga Project, Elfian Harahap, explained that Elfian and his team visited around 18 villages every month. Apart from aiming to strengthen ties, this visit also aims to carry out various social activities involving traditional leaders or local community leaders to help residents.

“Every month, we make regular visits to the villages. We do this to create a sense of security in the community, especially in the work area of the ANJA Binanga Project and at the same time introduce and provide explanations to residents that Sekuriti Nawakara is part of the community, which is almost 90% a native,” said Elfian.

Total of 36 personnel divided by three groups. Every 12 personnel cleaned one mosque and its environment. Apart from cleaning the mosque environment, the Nawakara team also set aside their fortune to share with others by giving alms to 10 orphans and five older people in each village. 

We took the initiative to collect a little sustenance to help others. It’s not big, but this amount can lighten them a little,” said Elfian.

Pasir Pinang Village Community Leader Sakti Siregar expressed his gratitude and gratitude for the program implemented by Nawakara. “We, the residents of Pasir Pinang Village, would like to express our deepest gratitude to PT ANJ Agri Binanga, especially the Nawakara team, for cleaning up the mosque area and giving proper alms to our children and parents,” said Sakti.


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