Must-Read Books on Corporate Security

Must-Read Books on Corporate Security

In this world book day, we make a list of corporate security books will help you stay relevant.  

The security industry changes quickly. New theories come out and disprove the old. New technologies make the previous versions obsolete. New solutions are infinitely more effective than their predecessors. As a corporate security professional, you must read books that strengthen your skills and introduce you to new strategies. We made this list to help you stay a relevant, knowledgeable professional. Here are ten corporate security books you absolutely must read:

Out of the Ashes: The True Story of How One Man Turned Tragedy into a Message of Safety

Author: Charlie Morecraft

As a long-time employee at the Exxon refinery, Charlie Morecraft knew standard safety procedures. Excited to leave for vacation, Morecraft made the unfortunate decision to ignore protocol. It caused an explosion that left him with burns covering half of his body, dozens of surgeries, and months of rehab.

In this book, Morecraft uses his story to stress the importance of workplace safety and to show what could happen when proper standards are ignored.

 Improving Organizational Security: A Guide to Understanding and Preventing Inside and Outside Threats

Authors: Dr. Kelley and Dr. Badake

Improving Organizational Security is a must-read for security leaders looking for tips to minimize and prevent physical and cyber threats to their organization. Learn how to establish a firm security policy and train staff effectively to defend against threats.

The two authors, Dr. Njideka Kelley and Dr. Komlan G. Badake, are award-winning experts in leadership and training. They firmly believe that threat awareness and preparation is the ultimate security defense.

 The Art of War for Security Managers: 10 Steps to Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

Author: Scott A. Watson

Scott A. Watson adopts time-honored advice from Sun Tzu’s famous book, The Art of War, into a contemporary business version: The Art of War for Security Managers.

This book teaches the reader that while the conflict in business is inevitable, it doesn’t need to be costly and damaging. The author creates a framework for understanding conflict while minimizing their harm, focusing on the responsibility of a security manager in the modern-day organization.

Extrusion Detection: Security Monitoring for Internal Intrusions

Author: Richard Bejtlich

In this book, top security consultant and creator of The Tao of Network Security Monitoring blog, Richard Bejtlich, shares his most effective tips for preventing, detecting, and mitigating internal security breaches.

Anyone interested in or responsible for addressing insider security risks will find value in this book. Extrusion Detection offers practical, step-by-step solutions to assessing internal threats, detecting anomalies, responding effectively to attacks, defending against malicious bots, setting reasonable policies, and more.

 Offensive Countermeasures: The Art of Active Defense

Authors: John Strand, Paul Asadoorian, Benjamin Donnelly, Bryce Galbraith, and Ethan Robish

Many of the techniques used in cyber defense today either don’t work at all or just barely. To confront this issue, the authors use this book to begin a conversation on the widely criticized idea of “hacking back.”

If you’re looking for a new approach to cyber defense, Offensive Countermeasures is the book you need to read. The authors provide a long list of advanced, unique defense countermeasures to help you beat cybercriminals and hackers at their own game.

The Manager’s Handbook for Corporate Security: Establishing and Managing a Successful Assets Protection Program

Authors: Edward Halibozek and Gerald L. Kovacich (CFE, CPP, CISSP)

 With more than 55 years combined in government and corporate security, the authors put their experience to good use in this handy reference full of corporate security solutions. The authors create a fictional corporation riddled with everyday challenges and solutions to help the reader apply the teachings of this book to their situations. The Manager’s Handbook for Corporate Security contains a wealth of information and advice suitable for managers with any level of experience to meet their security goals

Effective Physical Security (Fifth Edition)

Author: Lawrence Fennelly

 If you’re looking to learn more about the latest developments in physical security defense, this is the book for you. Author Lawrence Fennelly compiled this book of best practices to contain all the critical elements of the physical, organizational defense. The books including locks, lighting, CCTV and surveillance, environmental design, risk management, network system infrastructure, and more.

Effective Physical Security also contains additional references, websites, appendices, and checklists to extend your learning beyond the book’s pages.


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