Nawakara Wins Three Champions on the 40th Anniversary of the Security Guard

Nawakara Wins Three Champions on the 40th Anniversary of the Security Guard

Batang – In the 40th Anniversary of the Security Unit (Satpam) framework, the National Police Headquarters held a Virtual Stick and Handcuff Drill Competition for all security guards in Indonesia. The competition was held from December 25, 2020, to January 13, 2021, with the theme “Tough Security in the Future”.

Security personnel for the Nawakara Project PLTU Batang participated in this competition by deploying 20 personnel and taking pictures in three places, namely Batang City Square, Ujungnegoro Beach, and Kali Kutho Gringsing Bridge, Batang, Central Java.

The preparations and struggles carried out by the Batang PLTU Project personnel were not in vain. At the peak celebration ceremony for the 40th Anniversary of the Security Guard, which was held at The Tribrata Darmawangsa Building, South Jakarta, Tuesday (2/2), the committee announced the results the competition. The Batang PLTU Project personnel won Second Place in the Virtual Drill Stick and Drill Handcuff Competition.

“As a leader, I am proud of the performance of the local Batang team. This is their first experience if trained properly the results are good enough. Alhamdulillah, Batang was able to win second place at the National level, this is an extraordinary achievement for Nawakara,” said I Nengah Sugiarta as Project Leader of PLTU Batang.

In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Security Guard, not only Second Place National in the Virtual Stick and Handcuffs Drill Competition, but Batang PLTU Project personnel also won General Champion at the Central Java Regional Police Level and 1st Place for Perkap Knowledge Category No. 24 of 2007 Regional Police of Central Java.

“This is an award for Nawakara. Of course, we will continue to strive to build a good image for this profession. I always advise the children that with sincerity, hard work, professionalism can be created,” concluded Nengah.


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