Nawakara Attends the Celebration of the Security Guard's 40th Anniversary

Nawakara Attends the Celebration of the Security Guard's 40th Anniversary

Jakarta – PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) deployed six female security forces (Sekwan) in a ceremony to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Security Unit (Satpam) at The Tribrata Darmawangsa Building, South Jakarta, Tuesday (2/2). Unlike the previous year, the security guard’s 40th Anniversary ceremony was held virtually by all Security Service Business Entities (BUJP) members of the Indonesian Security Service Business Entity Association (ABUJAPI).

The ceremony was chaired by the National Police Headquarters Baharkam Inspector General. Pol. Suwondo Nainggolan, S.I.K., M.H., representing General Pol. Listyo Sigit Prabowo as Chief of Police. In his remarks, Kakorbinmas Baharkam said that security guards must improve professionalism and competence so that security guards become a proud and dignified profession.

“The existence of the security guard also gives a sense of security and a real contribution in creating a conducive climate in the work environment. So that the professionalism and competence of the security guard can support the creation of a national investment climate and its existence is always felt by the community,” said Suwondo.

On this occasion, the President Director of Nawakara, Drs. H.M. Hindarto, M.Sc., and CEO of Nawakara Ir. Dino Bimadwinanda Hindarto ICPS was present at the ceremony to celebrate the peak of the 40th Anniversary of the Security Guard with the leadership and other guests who were former high-ranking police officers and the founders of the BUJP in Indonesia.

“I wish security guards all over Indonesia a happy 40th birthday. In line with what was said earlier, we are all obliged to uphold the security profession by protecting the security guard’s rights and obligations through laws. And support the security guard profession by setting a clear standard of income and career path in his work environment,” said President Director, who is also the founder of Nawakara.

Separately, the CEO of Nawakara, Ir. Dino Bimadwinanda Hindarto ICPS, said, Nawakara as BUJP will undoubtedly continue to improve personnel’s professionalism and competence. “As Nawakara hopes to achieve, that with the professionalism and competence possessed by Nawakara personnel, we will be able to compete for both in our work environment and the international arena,” explained Nawakara’s CEO.

The female security on duty is personnel from the Jakarta MRT Project. They served as a tumpeng carrier, pin pinning, award tray bearer, and ceremony participant. At the same time, Nawakara also received the Second Place Award for Virtual Drill Stick and Handcuffs, which was won by PLTU Batang Project personnel (RO Surabaya).


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