Nawakara Presents New Services in Mice and Wedding Security

Nawakara Presents New Services in Mice and Wedding Security

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety are essential things to consider in carrying out daily activities. We need to considered health and safety protocols in organizing the event, which is starting to rise.

To support the need for holding events following health protocols and help break the spread of COVID-19, Nawakara is developing new services tailored to market needs. In addition to event safety standards, Nawakara also prioritizes audience health and safety by implementing strict health procedures.

The excellence of our service is to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission with the support of experienced and licensed health officers. In addition, we also work with trusted health clinics that have operating permits and official certificates and from the authorities.

The package includes COVID 19 test checks for the hosting and guest teams (Anti-body, Antigen, PCR Swab), Self-isolation packages (Home Care), disinfectants, and unique Wedding & MICE health protocol control. We offered all of that hings at a friendly price.

This service has been running since February 2021, with a positive response from clients.

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