Nawakara’s EMP Bentu Ltd Project Provides Assistance for Al-Hidayah Mosque

Nawakara’s EMP Bentu Ltd Project Provides Assistance for Al-Hidayah Mosque

Pekanbaru – PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) through the EMP Bentu Ltd (RO Pekanbaru) Project handed over cash assistance and wall clocks for the Al-Hidayah Mosque which is under construction in Tanjung Rhu Village, Lima Puluh District, Pekanbaru City, Riau, Tuesday (9/2).

The aid was handed over directly by the Head of the EMP Bentu Ltd Project, Joni Afrizal, to the Al-Hidayah Mushola Management, Muchlis Wahab. He is also the Chairman of the Neighborhood Association (RT) in Tanjung Rhu Village.

Joni Afrizal conveyed that Nawakara expected the assistance provided to be useful not only for the Quran children’s activities but also for the wider community.

“Our assistance, if seen from the number, may not be much, but hopefully, it can be a start until the construction of this Mushola continues until it is completed properly. This Mushola has become a necessity for all of us to worship, especially residents of Tanjung Rhu Village,” said the EMP Project Leader. Bentu Ltd when submitting assistance.

Joni continued, the process of building the Al-Hidayah Mushola will be carried out in cooperation with residents and security personnel of the EMP Bentu Ltd Project. They are domiciled in Tanjung Rhu Village.

Muchlis Wahab, representing all the Al-Hidayah Mushola Management, expressed his gratitude to Nawakara for his attention and assistance. Hopefully, Nawakara will always be given glory, success, and safety in carrying out his community duties.

Besides, Muchlis advised Security Nawakara personnel to maintain health during the COVID-19 pandemic and carry out health protocols recommended by the government. “To the Nawakara Security personnel, remain enthusiastic and careful in carrying out their duties,” said Muchlis.


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