Nawakara Wins Second Place for Walking on the 165th Anniversary of Cilacap Regency

Nawakara Wins Second Place for Walking on the 165th Anniversary of Cilacap Regency

Cilacap – Nawakara’s SBI Cilacap project (part of Multisite Regional Office) participates in a Race Walking Competition held by the Cilacap Regency government on Sunday (21/3). The match was opened by Dandim 0703/Cilacap, Lt. Col. Inf. Andi Afandi, SIP by releasing the first participant of the Cilacap Regent Team, Tatto Suwarto Pamuji.

Nawakara Project SBI Cilacap fielded one team with nine personnel, namely seven core teams and two reserves. As a result of this competition, Nawakara Project SBI Cilacap won 2nd place and received a prize in coaching money from the Regent of Cilacap.

The Head of the SBI Cilacap Project, Toesino, appreciated the SBI Cilacap Project team who won Second Place. “We welcome the achievements obtained by the SBI Security Project team, and the plan is that the Management of PT SBI will give appreciation in the form of a certificate of appreciation to the entire team,” said Toesino.

The race walking competition with a distance of 5.5 KM was attended by 23 teams consisting of the Cilacap Regent, Forkompimda, BUMN, and BUMD teams, including the Nawakara Project SBI Cilacap. The participants walked along Jl. Gatot Subroto with the starting line from Wijaya Kusuma Cilacap Stadium and the finish line at Makodim 0703 Cilacap.

The Regent of Cilacap, Tatto Suwarto Pamuji, revealed that Cilacap Regency Government carried out the road activities held to commemorate the 165th Anniversary of the Cilacap Regency by implementing the COVID-19 health protocol, all participants and guests who were present were obliged to follow the rules given by the committee.

“I would like to thank the people who have participated in this event and remain obedient to the COVID-19 Health protocol. And congratulations to the winners, I hope the prizes given can be useful,” said Tatto at the handover of the prizes.


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