Nawakara Shares with Orphans and Dhuafa

Nawakara Shares with Orphans and Dhuafa

Pekanbaru – Ahead of Eid al-Fitr 1442 Hijriyah/ 2021, Nawakara Project EMP Bentu Ltd (RO Pekanbaru) handed over assistance for orphans and poor people to Al-Hidayah Mushola organizers in Tanjung Rhu Village, Lima Puluh District, Pekanbaru, Riau, Tuesday (11/5). The aid was handed over directly by the Head of Nawakara Project EMP Bentu Ltd, Joni Afrizal to the board of the Al-Hidayah Mushola, Mukhlis Wahab.

Joni explained that the assistance provided was a caring action for Nawakara to residents around the work area of the EMP Bentu Ltd. Project. Nawakara distributes the aid to the Al-Hidayah Mushola in Tanjung Rhu Village and two other villages in the work area of the EMP Bentu Ltd. Project. 

“We distribute it to three villages; Tanjung Rhu’s Al-Hidayah Mosque,  Badak Ujung’s Baitul Makmum Mosque, and Malebung’s Al-Hasana Mosque,” Joni explained.

In addition to handing over assistance to dozens of orphans and poor people in three villages, Joni and his team took the time to stay in touch with residents. 

“We hope that the orphans and poor people can feel the atmosphere of Eid like other residents. Even though the assistance we provide is not much, at least it can help them,” said Joni.

Mukhlis Wahab, as the administrator of the Al-Hidayah Mushola representing the residents, thanked Nawakara. 

“We welcome and are grateful for the assistance provided by Nawakara; this assistance is more than sufficient and very beneficial for our residents. Especially orphans and poor people who deserve to be assisted. Hopefully, this will be a blessing and become a field of worship for the entire Nawakara team,” said Mukhlis.


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