Nawakara, The Best and Most Reliable Security Service Agency in Sumatra

Nawakara, The Best and Most Reliable Security Service Agency in Sumatra

As one of the leading businesses in the national security industry, Nawakara has long been expanding to various regions. Sumatra is one of them.

 Having had a representative office in Palembang since September 2019, Nawakara moved the Sumatra representative office to the Pekanbaru area. A decision based on the results of the study and analysis by the Nawakara management team.

 Pekanbaru Regional Office is currently working on about 16 projects and also provides supervision of several projects carried out by the Multisite Regional Office. The three main projects carried out by Nawakara in Sumatra are Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI), Energi Mega Persada (EMP) Malacca Ltd, and Energi Mega Persada (EMP) Bentu Ltd.

In working on these three projects, Nawakara had to face tough challenges and were different. However, with the experience that the Nawakara team has, all of these challenges are well controlled.

The success of Nawakara in reducing the number of thefts at the site has received appreciation from Chevron. CPI Management even provides a Certificate of Appreciation because Nawakara has successfully eliminated the number of robberies on its site.

Besides, there were several other awards that Nawakara’s Pekanbaru Regional Office personnel won. The stick and handcuff gymnastic skills from the South Tapanuli Resort Police and the Best Security Personnel from the Palembang City Resort Police. These achievements are proof of competence possessed by Nawakara personnel.

Apart from competence, building good relationships and involving the surrounding community is crucial to the success of Nawakara in Sumatra. Nawakara regularly holds joint activities with the locals. Either it is related to security or social well-being. Nawakara is also active in supporting community activities, such as working together to build places of worship, providing assistance, and compensating for people in need.

“Humans cannot live without other people because we are social creatures. Likewise, in doing business, the existence of togetherness (teamwork) can make the business progress. Because each person synergizes with the advantages they have,” said Ermansyah, Pekanbaru Regional Office General Manager.

Ermansyah believes working together with the community and security forces wherever the project is located will create a conducive atmosphere and a sense of security for all.

 In the future, Nawakara will continue to strive to be the largest and most trusted in Sumatra. Of course, they rely on the best performance and efforts to continue improving and getting better every day.


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