Nawakara’s Electronic Security System

Nawakara’s Electronic Security System

Nawakara Electronic Security System (NESS) is an electronically integrated security system utilizing an Information Technology system to support and ensure security in a building, office, or residential area. With ESS, we can monitor, manage, and access data related to security systems.

Since 2015 Nawakara has been committed to developing NESS products in line with technological developments and technology-based security needs. Nawakara started investing in NESS through an Alarm System called the Nawakara Commnd Center (NCC). The NCC regulates security within an area, whether it is a residential, corporate, or office complex.

The NESS products developed by Nawakara include:

  1. CCTV System: CCTV systems can oversee events or activities for both individuals and offices. Benefits include providing protection against possible threats of theft, increasing employee productivity, and monitoring daily business activities.
  2. Security Alarm System: Serves to detect illegal actions. Can automatically trigger an alarm that is connected to the CMS that directly alerts the Nawakara Response Team.
  3. Access Control System: The access control system enables regulated access to a room. The tools that are incorporated in the Access Control System are metal detectors (for screening humans), scanners (for screening goods), reception (visitor management), barrier gates, and elevator systems. All into one access on one card used by visitors/guests who come to a building.

Currently, Nawakara’s NESS products have insurance for the safety of the client and the equipment used. With experience in product development and client trust in Nawakara’s commitment, we can provide security solutions for the Indonesian people.


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