Nawakara's Emergency Response Team Evacuates Flood Victims in Barabai, South Kalimantan

Nawakara's Emergency Response Team Evacuates Flood Victims in Barabai, South Kalimantan

Barabai – The Nawakara Emergency Response Team (ERT) has evacuated flood victims in the Barabai Regency area, South Kalimantan, since January 16, 2021. The team went to the disaster location from Banjarbaru City to Barabai Regency by driving a basic logistics vehicle.

“Nawakara sent an ERT personnel, Ocky Hariyanto, as the coordinator there to evacuate flood victims. The first step taken was to visit the disaster location and then report the findings to the SAR KABADAN South Kalimantan to carry out rescue and search operations by the team,” explained Panji Baskoro, Manned Guarding Department Head Nawakara in Jakarta, Monday (18/1).

The team had to cover a distance of nearly 10 hours. The route is not easy because of the flood, and the electricity along the road is out.  But this is not an obstacle for Nawakara’s ERT. Arriving at the location, the team immediately collected data and evacuated the victims. Thirty-five people had evacuated to a safe place.

Ocky Hariyanto reported that until January 18, 2021, the victims had received essential logistical assistance such as food, medicine, vitamins, masks, clothes, and other necessities. Currently, the team continues to sweep the disaster site because conditions have not improved. There were points still flooded around 40-60 cm, and the team continues to coordinate with South Kalimantan Head of SAR to report the latest conditions at the disaster location.

“In conducting our evacuation, we continue to periodically report what we did or found at the disaster site to KABADAN SAR. This is because Nawakara’s ERT has been registered as a partner of BASARNAS where Nawakara’s ERT has met the qualifications and certification so that it has the authority to handle emergency incidents such as this flood disaster,” said Ocky.

Ocky hopes that the flood disaster that hit Indonesia, especially in the Barabai region, can immediately improve and recover so that people can return to their activities. “Hopefully in the near future the condition will improve, there will be no further rain, and assistance from the community for the victims can continue to come, especially the basic logistics which are very much needed at this time,” he concluded.


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