Nawakara’s Emergency Response Team

Nawakara’s Emergency Response Team

Nawakara’s Emergency Response Team is a special squad to help deal with emergency incidents. This team has been equipped with special training and equipment to handle medical assistance, first aid, and disaster relief. Nawakara’s ERT team is prepared to reduce the negative impact of the emergency that occurs.

Throughout 2020-2021, Nawakara’s ERT has carried out its duties in several areas. Such as evacuating earthquake victims in Palu, flood victims in Lampung, flood victims in Jakarta, and most recently, flood victims in Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency and Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan.

Since its establishment, Nawakara’s ERT has become a potential partner of Basarnas in handling emergency response. Nawakara’s ERT currently has 34 Basarnas’ certified personnel. This team has good coordination and communication skills with stakeholders in all regions of Indonesia. All members are trained in handling different types of evacuations such as (but not limited to); water evacuations, fire evacuations, jungle and mountain evacuations, and other emergencies. 

In the evacuation process, Nawakara’s ERT has two virtues in helping victims:

  1. Emergency Evacuation, which moves people from a place that poses a threat or danger to life or property to a safer position such as a safe house or hospital.
  2. Security Escort, namely the process of assisting Nawakara’s ERT personnel to disaster/accident victims to prevent excessive anxiety and remain calm during the trip to a safe place.

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