Nawakara's Halalbihalal: Build Togetherness and Improve Performance with a Clean Heart

Nawakara's Halalbihalal: Build Togetherness and Improve Performance with a Clean Heart

Jakarta – After passing a whole month of fasting in the month of Ramadan and celebrating Idul Fitri 1442 Hijriyah with family, Nawakara Group held a virtual Halalbihalal On Tuesday (18/5). This event was attended by the Board of Directors, Head of Division, Department Head, GM-RM Regional Office, and all company leaders from the Nawakara Group Business Unit.

This year’s Halalbihalal held a theme “Build Togetherness and Improve Performance with a Clean Heart”, as conveyed by Nawakara Corporate Secretary Chiquita Paramita Hindarto when opening the Halalbihalal Nawakara Group event. 

“It is hoped that we all can become truly Fitri. And have new enthusiasm to face challenges in the future,” said the woman who is familiarly called Chica.

The CEO of Nawakara, Dino Bimadwinanda Hindarto, highly appreciates all Nawakara Individuals who have dedicated their energy, time and thoughts to the progress of Nawakara. “In this pandemic situation, Insan Nawakara is still required to carry out work responsibilities as well as possible. I believe we can work together and work together in providing excellent service quality,” he said.

At the end of his speech, the CEO of Nawakara advised Insan Nawakara always to obey health protocols. “I urge you and ladies to always carry out health protocols in carrying out their daily activities to prevent exposure to COVID-19. For all the mistakes and, more or less, my extended family of Nawakara Group and I apologize profusely,” he said.

All participants felt the warm and familiar atmosphere of the Halalbihalal vibes. This event closed with Eid greetings from each of the Directors who represented each function. 


“I represent Ganendra to say sorry physically and mentally. It’s time for us to straighten the tangled threads. Thaw the frozen ones, and untie the bonds that shackle them,” said Chico Hindarto, Director of PT Ganendra Paraka Satria, who is also Commissioner of Nawakara.


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