Nawakara’s Security Qualification Training

Nawakara’s Security Qualification Training

Nawakara has organized a Security Unit qualification training since early 2017. Currently, the training program is divided into three levels:

  • Basic Program – Gada Pratama

Mandatory basic training for prospective security guards. The duration of training is four weeks, with a total of 232 lesson hours. Training materials include interpersonal Skill; professional ethics; primary duties, functions and roles of a security guard, limited police capabilities; self-defence; explosives introduction; valuables and shooting exercises; knowledge of narcotics, psychotropics and other addictive substances; use of police sticks and handcuffs; knowledge line marching and honour.

  • Supervisor – Gada Madya 

Advanced training for security guards who have the Gada Pratama qualifications. The length of training is eight days with a duration of 160 lesson hours.

  • Security Manager – Gada Utama

Training that anyone can follow at the managerial level, namely the chief security officer or security manager, with a total of 100-hour lesson hours over the course of five days.

As of February 2021, Nawakara has carried out 43 Gada Pratama programs with 826 graduates of 21 Madya Gada training with 471 graduates and 9 Gada Utama training with 213 graduates. The participants are a combination of internal and external Nawakara employees.

Nawakara’s Gada training has several advantages over similar training. Apart from being held in locations that meet the qualifications for training, the Nawakara training is also equipped with material outside the official Polda material, which is designed to improve participants’ soft skills and comply with the provisions set by Polda and Police Headquarters.

The investment for participating in Gada training in Nawakara is affordable and includes training costs, training equipment, diplomas, and membership cards according to level.


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