SBI Narogong Project Nawakara Holds a Samapta Refresh Activity

SBI Narogong Project Nawakara Holds a Samapta Refresh Activity

Bogor – Nawakara Project SBI Narogong (RO Multisite), in collaboration with Ditpamobvit Polda West Java, held Refresh Samapta activities which were held for four meetings on March 12, 17, 22, and 27, 2021, at PT SBI Narogong Lulut Field, Bogor, West Java.

This activity is carried out to repeat what has been received by security personnel during Gada Pratama education. The aim is for all security personnel to receive refreshment and not neglect their duties and responsibilities as security officers.

Jerry Siahaan, as Deputy Manager Representative Nawakara Project SBI Narogong, said that the Refresh Samapta activity was not only attended by Nawakara security personnel but was also attended by employees from PT SBI Narogong and PT SBI Moloko.

“In this activity, security personnel and SBI employees receive various materials including tracking and survival, National Police self-defense training, strengthening of stick drills and handcuffs, as well as discussion and socialization regarding the development of the current security system,” explained Jerry.

While the closing ceremony for the Refresh Samapta activity was held on Sunday, April 4, 2021, at the Club House Building, SBI East Housing, Bogor, West Java. The closing was attended by the Nawakara Project SBI Narogong and the management of PT SBI Narogong.

“We should be grateful that the entire series of activities went well and smoothly. It is hoped that all security personnel will maintain dignity in carrying out their duties and we should be proud that security guards are a noble profession,” said Jerry.


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