Security Guard Gear You Can’t Live Without

Security Guard Gear You Can’t Live Without

Security guards carry lots of gear, and any reasonable security guard will have the equipment required to protect themselves and the property they are assigned to. Here’s a list of the top pieces of equipment that most security officers should have.


A flashlight is one of the essential pieces of equipment that a security guard can carry.

Even if you’re assigned to a day job where a flashlight may not seem necessary, it’s still important to be equipped with one because specific scenarios may require some extra light to help you see. You never want to go into a dark location without one.

Furthermore, a Security guard can use a flashlight for protection. Many flashlights that security officers carry are heavy-duty, long metal flashlights that could potentially be used as a striking device.

No special training is needed to carry a flashlight, although training programs that you can enrol in may teach you how to use one in a combat situation effectively.

Most security officers (and police officers, too!) carry a Mag lite flashlight because of its durability, bright light, and solidness.

Security Guard Baton

Security guard batons are another vital piece of equipment that security guards use to protect themselves. More importantly, however, they are a weapon that can keep a property safe without even being used. Just the fact that you have one in your belt that people can see will usually be enough to make sure things stay calm. People know that it could do some damage if you were to pull this weapon out.

However, in most states, you will be required to complete a training course specialised for handling a baton before you can legally carry one while on duty. Some companies may require that you complete this training before you are hired.


A good pair of security guard boots are essential.

Most security guards I’ve spoken to say that a good pair of boots can make the difference between coming home with sore legs and a sore back and coming.

Because most security guards spend their shifts walking around on patrol, a pair of durable boots will last a lifetime. A cheap pair will not only end up hurting you but will also wear out, and you’ll find yourself having to buy a new pair at least twice a year.

Most uniforms require a pair of black boots, but you’ll want to check with your employer first before investing in some quality boots for yourself and your feet.

Security Guard Belt

The security guard belt is another crucial piece of equipment for any serious security guard. It makes carrying all of the elements of the equipment listed here (and more) much much more accessible.

The last thing a security officer wants to do is fumble around looking for his/her flashlight or pepper spray when they need it most.

Belts usually come with extra pieces that slide or clip-on so you can attach additional pieces of equipment to them.

A Cell Phone

All security guards should carry a cell phone. Although much of the communication you will do as a security officer may be through a walkie-talkie or other radio-type device, a cell phone will give you the ability to quickly call the proper authorities or fire department when required to.

The modern cell phone is already equipped with an excellent digital camera. It can be a security guard’s best friend, especially if it has video capabilities. The pictures and videos you take can make it so much easier for you to describe different events and situations that arise, especially if you’re forced to go to court to testify.

You can take pictures of the property, people, vehicles, crime scenes – almost anything you can think of that is pertinent to your job and the reports you write up.

A Heated Vest

Many security guards work in colder climates, where it can be uncomfortable to work and function properly. Even if you live in warmer weather, you may need to work at night when the temperature can drop drastically and make you very cold.

A heated vest can take care of this for you and keep you comfortable and focused even on the coldest of nights.

A Mini-First Aid Kit

A mini first aid kit is perfect for security guards to have, not only for themselves but for the people in and around the location that they are assigned to.

For example, if you’re working in a retail area and someone comes up to you asking for a band-aid (which they will do – you are the most visible person whom people can easily walk up to for help), the last thing you want to do is waste time trying to find one. If you have a kit on hand, you can help out any person in need and get back to your duty and patrol as soon as possible.


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