Various Helpful Emergency Response Teams We Should Appreciate

Various Helpful Emergency Response Teams We Should Appreciate

We all need Emergency Response Teams, no matter where we live. Lucky for you, in Indonesia, the Emergency Response Team is ready to help at any time. When facing various emergencies, we need someone professional to help. This is going to be the job of Emergency Response Team. What are the types of emergencies that may appear?

Some emergencies that need the help of Emergency Response Team are fires that couldn’t be handled by the Fire Department quickly, the spontaneous detonation of silos, bins or tanks, leakage of liquids or gases or the other hazardous materials on a big scale, natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods, terrorism, demonstrations, and bulk poisoning.

Incidents Handled by Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team of all countries must be able to handle various emergencies. They’re all trained so that they are on standby to handle those emergency situations. The teams below are the ones that are beneficial.

  • COVID-19 Team: handling the pandemic

There must be an emergency team that’s handling this problem all around Indonesia. And internationally, there’s a specific team in London that is currently studying this pandemic without causing anymore further problems.

  • Police officers or law enforcement officers

All countries need this basic emergency respondent. Police officers respond to many incidents, ranging from domestic disputes and natural disasters, even to terrorist attacks. They’re all created to enhance order and peace in the society. They’ll help investigate crimes, execute the punishment, and enforce laws in their environment.

  • Firefighters

This specific team deals with lots of emergencies. Firefighters would fight and protect citizens from fires. They will also search, rescue, and provide assistance in either chemical spills or car accidents. Firefighters can be further categorized into industrial firefighters, airport firefighters, wildland firefighters, and contract firefighters.

  • Emergency medical technician

These are the people who are driving and working inside ambulances and medical helicopters. They learn about medical care, at least the basic ones like (but not limited to) resuscitating, stabilizing patients, also transport patients to the hospital from incident scene safely. The patients are in their response until they get proper care at the hospital.

  • Campus response team

This one is a group that consists of individuals who get together and form a team that would help to ensure the protection and safety of fellow students, typically in a university or school campuses. Most universities tend to encourage the students to join and be active in the team to ensure a well and safe school environment. 

Many Emergency Response Team sectors help protect everyone in their environment to feel safe.


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