Welcoming Ramadan, Nawakara Regional Office Surabaya Shares Al-Quran

Welcoming Ramadan, Nawakara Regional Office Surabaya Shares Al-Quran

Surabaya – Nawakara Regional Office Surabaya (RO Surabaya) shared the Holy Quran with the Waqof Aisyah Mosque and the Taufiqurrahman Al-Quran Education Institute in Kauman Village, Bangil District, Pasuruan Regency, East Java, Monday (12/4).

A total of 25 Al-Quran was handed over directly by the Regional Manager of RO Surabaya, Sarwo Adi Waluyo, representing the General Manager of RO Surabaya, Piere P. Malindir, to the respective Mushola and Al-Quran Education Institutions.

Sarwo said that this Al-Quran distribution activity is routinely carried out every year by RO Surabaya to provide motivation and enthusiasm for Muslims in filling the holy month of Ramadan by increasing their reward through reading the Koran.

“Hopefully what we provide can have a positive impact on residents in worship, especially tadarus at the prayer room and the Al-Quran Education Institute,” said Sarwo.

Furthermore, Sarwo said that sharing activities carried by Surabaya Regional Office and his team through various projects under Surabaya Regional Office that spread across five provinces, including East Java, Yogyakarta Bali, NTB, and NTT.

“We do it simultaneously with the help of the team in Project. What we do is a form of our concern for the community and a mandate from Nawakara Pusat for us to carry out. Apart from the Al-Quran, we also distributed 25 boxes of masks to support the Government’s program in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in East Java,” he concluded.


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