What will be the Security Industry’s Biggest Challenge in 2021?

What will be the Security Industry’s Biggest Challenge in 2021?

What a year 2020 was for the security industry! There were vast challenges that could not have been foreseen at the beginning of the year. It is safe to say that the events of 2020 defied all industry prognosticators.

However, why not hope our expectations looking ahead to 2021 will be much closer to reality? Can we possibly benefit from looking forward and trying to plan for the challenges of the year early? This article compiles some security expert quotes about the security industry’s biggest challenge in 2021

David Barnard, RS2 Technologies, LLC

“We are leaving the challenges of 2020 behind. This year has been unique in the ebb and flow of business, solidifying a renewed focus on core industries like healthcare, government, and education. Still, in 2021, one of the biggest challenges our industry will see is leaving behind what we considered to be the “norm.”

Fundamentally, the business has changed. The organizations that aim to embrace new ways of adopting forward-thinking technology and delivering more service-based products to customers will wind up being the most successful.

To that end, manufacturers may shift their products to serve more operational expenditure demands rather than larger capital investments, but this can only be successful if the broader integrator market fully embraces this way of conducting business. Therefore, the challenge of going into 2021 will be to coach dealers and integrator partners toward building up their service-based offerings and developing more recurring revenue models.”

Richard Brent, Louroe Electronics

“As we emerge from the pandemic, I believe the video industry must hasten its shift to cloud-based solutions. Organizations are looking for alternative ways to minimize their operational costs. Many companies are recognizing they can operate remotely with fewer people in the office. Cloud or at least hybrid cloud/on-premises systems can reduce the number of devices that operations departments have to maintain, service, and update.

The security industry has been slow to move away from on-premises equipment, but COVID-19 has accelerated off-premises systems, and it’s clear that significant cloud migration has taken place in almost every aspect of our customers’ businesses.

Investments in security must pay for themselves by becoming smart data capture and analysis tools that positively impact an organization’s prosperity, health, and safety. The new AI-assisted devices will help justify such new investments as businesses slowly return to a stable economic footing.”

Jody Ross, AMAG Technology, Inc.

“It’s difficult to say what the industry’s biggest challenge will be in 2021 – with this year offering us a plethora of unforeseen obstacles and unprecedented changes. It’s hard to imagine what the future might hold at this point. However, the security and technology industries were uniquely situated to react quickly and pivot solutions to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19.

At Security & Safety Things, we are people-counting on the applications we primarily use to prevent unauthorized access and general security purposes. They now can be utilized for critical occupancy management in retail stores and supermarkets. Object detection for weapons, or physical threats, is now being also used to determine the presence of proper facial protection. The challenge in 2021 will be how to create a long-lasting security infrastructure that will still be useful to customers in a post-pandemic world.”

Alexander Harlass, Security & Safety Things

“The list of challenges in 2021 is long, and there are also many unknowns. The elephant in the room is COVID-19, and if and when people will be allowed back to the work facility while remaining safe. 

As companies follow government guidelines, they may have to make different investments to comply with regulations and ensure a safe working environment. Organizations have liabilities to consider, in addition to financial pressures. They must decide what to invest in moving forward as the workplace landscape changes. They may choose to alter their business model to support remote workers permanently. 

This new environment would require a different approach to protecting their data remotely and ensuring employees do not download sensitive information and inadvertently leave it unprotected. As a manufacturer, we must continue to work closely with our customers to provide support and the tools necessary to help them with their “new normal”.”

Julie Brown, Johnson Controls, Inc.

“The security industry’s biggest challenge in 2021 will be to provide safe and healthy buildings while keeping up with an unpredictable climate. Organizations across all sectors need to continue to prioritize their occupants’ wellbeing when planning their 2021 strategy and technology implementations, especially in K-12 schools and healthcare facilities. This means investing in leading security solutions that advance infection control and social distancing. From hospitals installing frictionless access control to schools integrating AI-powered mask detection solutions, to entire districts leveraging remote monitoring services – organizations must extend their healthy building initiatives into the new year. To effectively overcome whatever security challenges lie ahead. “


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