What You Need to Know About Physical Security at Events

What You Need to Know About Physical Security at Events

If you’re planning an event, ask yourself these questions to ensure your event attendees’ security well-kept.


Are you giving attendee security and safety the same meticulous consideration you give the other elements of your event?

Interaction between guests

Who is attending your event? Do they attract controversy? How will you manage conflict between guests? How will you eliminate event attendee harassment?

Outside intruders

What steps will you take to prevent outside disruptors from gaining access to your event? How will you handle the situation if they do?

Medical response

How will you handle event participant medical concerns? Are you aware of local or state regulatory agency policies related to group gatherings to determine if events can be held? Will you advise employees and attendees to stay home and monitor their health if they have had close contact with a person who has symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 14 days? Will you require the use of cloth face coverings among staff/attendees?

Destination considerations

Does the venue have any security vulnerabilities (e.g., an outdoor venue is harder to secure, but an indoor venue has fewer escape routes.)? Does the location have non-human security threats (e.g., a highway nearby, the chance of flood in the area, or wild animals roaming nearby)? Is there anything about your destination that could imperil the health or well being of your people? Is your event near any countries that pose a threat?

Contact information

Are you prepared to reach participants’ family members or loved ones if anything happens?


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