Security Response Dept. Head, Panji Baskoro: Effective Natural Disaster Mitigation

Security Response Dept. Head, Panji Baskoro: Effective Natural Disaster Mitigation

As a tropical country located in the ‘ring of fire’, Indonesia is prone to various types of disasters. From floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and others, in 2023 alone, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) recorded 5400 natural disasters throughout the year.

In the security world, natural disasters themselves are one of the security threats that need to be addressed. The occurrence of natural disasters will lead to emergency situations. Therefore, effective mitigation is needed to reduce the risk of disasters.

Nawakara itself has a team specifically tasked with handling emergency situations due to natural disasters called the Nawakara Emergency Response Team (ERT). The explanation regarding Nawakara’s ERT and how to effectively mitigate natural disasters will be provided by Nawakara’s Security Response Dep. Head, Panji Baskoro Bangun, or commonly known as Pak Panji.

Panji began his career journey at Nawakara in 2000 and was assigned to the Central Monitoring Station. Throughout his career, Pak Panji’s experience and abilities have led him to several strategic positions in Nawakara, including Project Coordinator, ERT & Training Department Head, and Security Response Department Head since 2023 to the present.

Below is an in-depth interview with him regarding mitigation of natural disaster threats.

Question: How Did the Nawakara ERT Form Initially?

The formation of the Nawakara ERT actually began with the “demand” from some of our clients facing emergency situations due to natural or social disasters. At that time, the disasters faced were the Palu Earthquake 2018, haze due to the Riau Forest Fires 2019, and the Timika Riots 2019.

Although we were able to handle these situations well, through these experiences, we also realized the need for a BUJP to have a team with specialized skills to deal with emergency situations, especially those caused by natural disasters.

Therefore, Nawakara established the team on July 1, 2020, named the Emergency Response Team (ERT). After organizational restructuring, on May 18, 2023, the Nawakara ERT was integrated into the Security Response Department along with the Fast Response Unit (FRU) Nawakara.

Question: What Did Nawakara Do to Ensure the Credibility of the ERT Nawakara?

Handling emergency situations, especially those related to natural disasters, can be said to be a new thing in the security services industry in Indonesia. Nawakara became one of the first BUJPs in Indonesia to have an ERT.

To ensure its credibility, Nawakara collaborated with the National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS). Through this cooperation, Nawakara’s ERT personnel received training to handle emergency situations caused by natural disasters that could occur in various areas, such as mining areas, landslide-prone areas, and forest fire-prone areas.

Moreover, Nawakara is also the only BUJP mandated and officially appointed by BASARNAS to conduct SAR training for external parties and the public. Participants in these training sessions will then receive certification from BASARNAS.

Through these training sessions, Nawakara’s ERT not only has the capacity to handle emergency conditions but also to mitigate them.

Question: How Does the Nawakara ERT Effectively Mitigate Natural Disasters?

Mitigating natural disasters means all efforts made to reduce the risks or impacts caused by natural disasters. Mitigation measures can be taken before a disaster occurs, known as prevention, and after a disaster occurs, known as response.

The actions taken are certainly in line with the type of natural disaster that occurs, where Nawakara’s ERT refers to the standard operating procedures of BASARNAS or the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia.

In terms of prevention, Nawakara’s ERT conducts Security Risk Assessments (SRA) or more specifically, External SRA where one of the considerations is the security risks of our clients related to natural disasters.

Through this External SRA, we can plan effective mitigation strategies. For example, in the case of clients who have assets in earthquake-prone areas, mitigation measures we may suggest include earthquake-resistant structure construction, installation of early warning systems, and relocation arrangements.

Nawakara’s ERT also conducts 24/7 monitoring. Monitoring is done remotely on predetermined points with our clients, as well as security conditions related to natural disasters throughout Indonesia. This monitoring allows us to take action quickly and accurately if triggers occur.

Meanwhile, in terms of response actions, Nawakara’s ERT can conduct evacuations to move disaster victims to safer places, while providing support during the journey to ensure that the victims do not experience excessive anxiety.

In practice, Nawakara’s ERT also continues to communicate and collaborate with various third parties, such as the Police, BASARNAS, BNPB/BPBD, and volunteers, so that mitigation and emergency actions can be carried out effectively.


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