Trends in Event Security in Indonesia 2021

Trends in Event Security in Indonesia 2021

Organizing events in Indonesia still cannot run as usual. With the current catastrophe caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has made governmental officials to delay event permits.

Agung Wibowo, General Manager of Event Security & Close Protection of Nawakara, quoted that once the official permit has been released, events can run as usual. According to his estimation, the number of events running will be far more frequent than in the earlier years. ‚ÄúDemands are going strong for live music events nevertheless health protocols are much needed to be complied,” said Agung.

Within this discussion of how security trends are vital for live events, what will the trend of securing events in Indonesia look like in 2021? Let’s hear Agung’s explanations of this.

  • The consultation side will emerge

In the security industry, consulting functions will be much more needed. Apart from years of experience, the ability to design event safety in the pandemic era is something event organizers are looking for.

The need to present events that comply with health protocols will undertake an easier decision gesture for event organizers to select a more reliable security consultant to work with. In Nawakara, to absorb these needs, we develop services on various sides.

We are moving from the start. Based on crowd control, we have developed an effective system to make sure the flow of visitors are moving in an efficient manner. The crowd control system includes responding to the number of people who can enter based on the area of the building, crowd limitation number with queue points, health and safety protocols such as providing stations for rapid tests and disinfectant spraying areas.

This creates a difference with the situation before the pandemic occurred where consultation must be accomplished whilst the venue selection. Consequently, the event safety standards can be designed at an early stage.

  • The security process will blend in with the implementation of health protocols

In a pandemic era, the word safe develops. Not only against the threat of crime and chaos but also on health correlation. For that, it is inevitable, thus security will have a strong connection with the health protocol control. Henceforth, the security team will be the executor and guardian of the health protocol.

  • The Security Team must understand and update the health protocol

Currently, apart from having competency in event security, it is vital to acquire the current trends of health protocol.

In Nawakara, we periodically update the comprehension of health and safety data with the affection of the COVID-19 pandemic. We ensure the members of our organization are up to date with governmental regulations and other necessary updates on COVID-19. Therefore every personnel can take charge when they are deployed to handle events and undertake various problems that arise appropriately.

  • Technology utilization related to the pandemic is urgently needed

In addition to understanding health protocols, the ability to handle pandemic-related security tools is vital.

At Nawakara, we make sure our team can run a variety of the latest security tools designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Starting from the basics such as the thermo gun to other various health monitoring equipment.


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