What are the Components of the Integrated Security Solution: Security Operation Center (SOC) or Command Center

What are the Components of the Integrated Security Solution: Security Operation Center (SOC) or Command Center

The Security Operation Center (SOC) or Command Center is one of the supporters of physical, information and technology security in an organization or company. Currently, every organization or company requires a Security Operation Center or Command Center to further ensure company security.

The facilities owned by the SOC consist of important components in supporting physical security and network/IT security in organizations or companies. The goal of SOC is to detect, analyze, and respond to both cyber and non-cyber security incidents using a combination of technological solutions and a series of processes.

In its duties, SOC has 2 functions, namely Incident/Accident Management and Alarm Management.

  1. Incident/Accident Management

Incident/Accident Management is indispensable for organizations or companies for the process of identifying, preventing, responding, recording and analyzing security, health and safety risks in the company. In addition, it can make the workplace safer for employees and the environment, while keeping companies productive and reducing unnecessary costs.

With Incident/Accident Management, an organization or company can avoid unplanned dangerous incidents or events and deal with them if these events occur. Through Incident/Accident Management the company will get benefits including:

  • Business operations become smooth
  • Increased employee productivity levels
  • Maintaining the best service for customers
  • Preventing a bigger disturbance
  • Providing satisfaction to customers and employees
  1. Alarm Management System

Alarm Management System (AMS) is an alarm management system on an ongoing basis so that the alarm function can suit the needs and operations of the company.

The purpose of installing an alarm system is to detect early on events that can harm an organization or company and notify people around the scene so they can take emergency action and control the incident.

The alarm system consists of several components that are connected to each other to ensure the security of an organization or company. In an alarm system there are 3 important components, namely detectors, control panels, and keypads.

There are several types of detectors to detect the presence of individuals or physical phenomena, such as vibrations or smoke. The basic alarm system includes multiple perimeter detectors installed at the main entrance. It is also accompanied by several motion detectors placed in strategic locations.

Meanwhile, the control panel must be hidden because the operation of the alarm system depends on it, and the alarm system keypad must be placed in an accessible location. Usually found near the main entrance.


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