Director Message


Ir. Dino Bimadwinanda Hindarto, ICPS

President Director & Chief Executive Officer

For more than two decades, Nawakara has been at your service as a trusted partner for integrated security solutions, ensuring your safety at all times.

We view the competency development of our human resources as a crucial foundation. Our personnel with their high degree of integrity and our solid team are at the heart of our business. We have established a defence force that is ready to assist you in security planning and risk prevention, while keeping you safe from uncertainties.

As we head into the third decade of this century, the Covid-19 pandemic has become a bitter lesson for us all. This cataclysmic event has also accelerated the disruption of technology. Furthermore, increasing competition and growing client needs pose an additional challenge for us.

We have compiled and implemented a roadmap to safeguard the company’s future. Our efforts to develop our manpower are aimed not only at our operational personnel, but also at our administrative, human resources, and sales staff. This includes the implementation of the latest information system to speed up coordination between divisions.

At Nawakara, we do not think in terms of single products, instead we prioritize the integration of products and services. We envision Nawakara as a comprehensive solution provider with end-to-end service, where all your security needs are met.

Service excellence is of the utmost importance to us. With four main categories of integrated service products, we are confident in achieving a healthy profitability for our company and providing added value to the security of your business.


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