What are the Components of Integrated Security Solutions: Security Concept

What are the Components of Integrated Security Solutions: Security Concept

In Integrated Security Solutions, the implementation of a good security system in addition to referring to the company’s security risk assessment also begins with the creation of an integrated security concept by taking into account the following 4 elements:

  1. Detect, deter, delay, and response

A security concept must be able to detect and observe any potential threats and vulnerabilities that may arise in the company’s area or environment. This is called Detect/detection. This detection is carried out using the five senses of security officers (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, touching) or using security technologies such as CCTV, PIR, and so on.

In contrast, detecting, and deterring is an effort in a security system to prevent actions that can disrupt the security of a company. One of these efforts is to place security officers in areas that have the potential for security disturbances.

While delay relates to concepts/activities that can delay or slow down any threats that can enter an area and response relate to actions that must be taken when an accident or incident occurs in the company area.

  1. Crime prevention through environmental design

In addition to the above concepts, what needs to be done in Integrated Security Solutions is to develop an environmental design concept that can prevent crime or Crime prevention through environmental design through the application of 3 main elements: territoriality, surveillance, and access control. Territoriality is related to asset protection based on the characteristics of each area, surveillance is related to the supervision of activities that can interfere with security, and access control is related to granting permission to access a certain object/location.

  1. Security Zones

To ensure each location is well protected, Integrated Security Solutions requires mapping of security zones. This zone is an area where security policies can be applied to control the traffic of people and goods at each location, such as public areas, restricted areas, operating areas, and so on.

  1. Security In Depth

The concept of Integrated Security Solutions is not only based on a single layer of security. A security strategy consisting of multiple layers of security is needed to create a strong security system or commonly referred to as security in-depth. These layers of security are useful for protecting important company assets. The use of a combination of humans and technology is applied, among others, such as video surveillance, gate barriers, visitor management systems, and the placement of security personnel in several places.


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