What are the Components of Integrated Security Solutions: Security Measures & Devices (Part 1)

What are the Components of Integrated Security Solutions: Security Measures & Devices (Part 1)

Apart from Security Personnel, another important component in Integrated Security Solutions is Security Measures & Devices. It Connects with the equipment and systems required by Security Personnel to secure corporate/industrial areas.

There are at least 10 (ten) elements in security measures & devices that can support the implementation of Integrated Security Solutions, including: Perimeter, Access control system, Visitor management system, CCTV system, Intruder alarm system, Fire system, Parking management system, Guard tour system, Security lighting, and lastly Locks, key systems, and doors. This article will discuss the 5 (five) elements of Security Measures & Devices which were mentioned earlier:

  1. Perimeters

In security systems we often hear the term perimeter. Perimeter is the outer boundary of a closed or protected area. If the place is a company building, the perimeter is usually marked by a fence or wall as the outer boundary of the company. Guarding the perimeter is important so that we can know and determine the boundaries of the area that must be secured

  1. Access control system

A layered security system needs to be implemented in a company. This is done to anticipate intruders or limit unauthorized people from entering areas or spaces in the company.

One way that can be done to support layered security is to implement an access control system. Through this system, only certain people who have received authentication/authorization can access locations or rooms within the company.

  1. Visitor management system

Every visitor or guest who comes to the company must be properly identified and recorded. So, if unwanted things happen, we can find out the identity or contact the visitor quickly.

The visitor management system will make it easy for us to identify and record visitors, thereby making visitor entry and exit activities more controlled and efficient. Generally, this system is integrated with an Access control system which gives authority to visitors to be able to access locations/rooms in the company according to their interests.

  1. CCTV systems

The activities of every employee and visitor in the company environment must be properly monitored. This is to find out every movement made by employees or visitors. Especially if the movement leads to suspicious activities. CCTV systems can help security personnel to be able to identify these things quickly and take mitigation measures or record these actions as evidence.

  1. Intruder alarm system

Every company certainly does not want intruders or unauthorized people to enter the company area. Moreover, if the person wants to steal company assets. Security personnel can utilize the Intruder alarm system to detect intruders or unauthorized access to certain areas of the company. This system will provide a signal in the form of an alarm which will be activated if the sensor detects movement or body heat in the areas where this system has been installed.


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