Being a Good Subordinate is a Requirement to be a Good Leader

Being a Good Subordinate is a Requirement to be a Good Leader

“He who cannot be a good follower, cannot be a good leader.” Aristotle

Naturally in an organization there are always roles as leaders and subordinates. The idea that a good leader is very decisive in the success of achieving organizational goals is undeniable, but from the research of Robert Kelley, author of The Power of Followership, 80% of the success of a team is determined by the quality of the team members, while the leader contributes 20%.

Subordinates of course have aspirations to become a leader, of course a good leader, so he must first be able to become a good subordinate.

What are the characteristics of a good subordinate?

  1. Have the vision to be a leader. A good subordinate thinks that his current position is “training” to become a leader in the future. With this in mind, a subordinate will develop his abilities and always look for challenges. Subordinates without vision will only be subordinates forever.
  2. Throwing Ego. Great subordinates are people who are able to work in a team. They have an understanding that the interests of the team are more important than personal interests. Putting the interests of the team first is an absolute requirement to be a good leader.
  3. Have confidence. A great subordinate has confidence in his abilities. They have the initiative to do the work and are committed to getting it done. Self-confidence comes from experience and abilities possessed, subordinates with confidence in themselves will continue to develop their abilities.
  4. Loyal to the vision of the leader, not who the leader is. Good subordinates understand the vision of what the leader will achieve and are committed to contributing to realizing that vision. A subordinate is loyal to the vision not only to who is the leader. If the leader deviates from the vision to be realized, subordinates will remain committed to achieving the vision.

If you are a subordinate and someone asks what your position at work is, answer proudly “I am a Leader in Training”.


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