Cash Retail Deposit Machine (CRDM): Cash Deposit Security Solution

Cash Retail Deposit Machine (CRDM): Cash Deposit Security Solution

Security is essential in various business sectors, including retail. Despite the digital era, cash remains a preferred method of payment in various retail outlets. With numerous daily cash transactions, the threats of theft and human error are among the most common security challenges faced by retail businesses. This is particularly true as retail transactions are often conducted rapidly and precisely, making them susceptible to threats such as theft and human error.

Moreover, the use of cash is prevalent in large-scale retail businesses with outlets spread across Indonesia. This demands a service that facilitates and integrates cash deposit systems across tens to hundreds of outlets daily. So, how can the security of cash deposits be ensured?

CRDM as the Key to Transaction

Security One service that addresses the security concerns of retail transactions is CRDM, which stands for Cash Retail Deposit Machine. Nawakara’s CRDM is specifically designed to secure cash deposits, allowing direct and integrated deposits into the client’s account. This machine accepts Indonesian Rupiah bills ranging from one thousand to one hundred thousand in denomination.

In terms of placement, CRDM machines can be static and installed in company-owned retail outlets. Additionally, Nawakara offers a Mobile CRDM, a secure mobile unit that visits client retail outlets. This mobile unit is equipped with a safe, wired glass windows, and an official police escort if required.

CRDM Operation

The Cash Retail Deposit Machine (CRDM) operates by connecting directly to the banking system. Cash deposited into the CRDM is instantly credited in real-time to the company’s account. The machine is equipped with advanced security systems and technologies, ensuring user-friendly transactions and enhancing security.

The CRDM operation involves the following steps:

  1. The deposit transaction begins with logging in via QR code scanning on the CRDM machine.
  2. Following the on-screen menu, the user can securely complete the cash deposit.
  3. The CRDM machine performs sorting and counting of the deposited cash.
  4. Once the process is complete, the depositor receives confirmation and a printed receipt (slip) indicating a successful deposit.
  5. Simultaneously, the deposited amount is instantly credited in real time to the client’s account.
  6. The operating screen displays transaction history and a monitoring dashboard for tracking transactions and financial data.

This process minimizes human errors and fraud, thanks to its real-time scheme. With its sophisticated system, CRDM accelerates transaction processing, making it efficient and time-saving.

Advantages of CRDM

As a solution for securing cash deposits in retail businesses, CRDM offers reliable advantages, serving as unique selling points to ensure the security of cash for users. These advantages can be categorized as exclusive benefits not possessed by some similar services.

Machine Type

The first advantage is that Nawakara’s CRDM utilizes the 2809 series machine type, incorporating key components for direct deposits, including a deposit slot, reject bin, storage/escrow box, operating monitor screen, barcode scanner, and printer. These components are designed to maintain transaction security, minimize suspicious activities, prevent counterfeiting, and ensure accurate counting.

Anti-Fraud & Human Error

The real-time process and direct connection to the banking system make CRDM an effective solution to prevent theft and human errors. This is supported by real-time monitoring and login features using cards/QR scan/Input ID on the CRDM operating system. Additionally, Nawakara’s CRDM machine is equipped with sensitive and accurate currency sensors, minimizing theft and human errors.

Manned Guarding & Technology Security

Apart from its advanced machine, this service includes human guarding and technology elements. Surveillance is conducted under CCTV cameras, seal usage, and other conventional security measures.

User Convenience

As a security service provider, Nawakara focuses on user convenience. The CRDM machine not only ensures security but also facilitates the reconciliation of sales reports, enhancing overall company efficiency. This ensures smooth company operations without disruptions.

About Nawakara Arta Kencana

After understanding the services and various benefits of CRDM, it’s essential to know the company providing this service. CRDM is a flagship service of Nawakara Arta Kencana (NAK), a member of the Nawakara group.

Nawakara Arta Kencana (NAK) is a subsidiary of Nawakara specializing in the management of Indonesian Rupiah processing services, also known as PJPUR, and the escorting of valuable goods. Originally formed as a department within the Nawakara group, NAK evolved into a subsidiary, remaining focused on providing Indonesian Rupiah processing services.

As a key player in the Indonesian Rupiah processing services category, NAK understands the importance of client security and service quality. With NAK, clients can trust the security of their finances with optimal service.

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