Security Service Company in Indonesia

Security Service Company in Indonesia

Security services are something that we find everywhere in our daily lives. From our office building, in a supermarket, and even an ATM center. These security services are usually provided by a company that works as a partner with whoever owns the property, that specifically provides security services.

Those who are not familiar with the term “security” in this context might think that a company that provides security services is limited to providing security guards. This misconception might come from the colloquial use of the word “security” or – using the Indonesian way of writing it – “sekuriti”, interchangeably with the word “satpam” or “security guard”.

Although it’s not necessarily wrong that a security company could provide security guards for their clients, thinking that a security company could only provide security guards is not correct either.

So, what does it actually mean to be a security company in Indonesia?


Security Service Company and BUJP

Providing security services in Indonesia was regulated by Peraturan Kepala Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia No. Pol.: 17 Tahun 2006 tentang Pedoman Pembinaan Badan Usaha Jasa Pengamanan (The Regulation of the Chief of the Indonesian National Police No. Pol.:17 Of 2006 on the Guidelines of Security Services Business Entity) or in short, Perkap No.17 Tahun 2006.

In Perkap No.17 Tahun 2006, a company that provides security services is formally called Badan Usaha Jasa Pengamanan (Security Services Business Entity) or BUJP. In Article 1 section two (2), BUJP was defined as “…a limited liability company engaged in manned guarding supply, training and educating security personnel, cash and valuables security escort, security consultancy, implementing security devices and K9 services”.

Furthermore, Article 2 of the Perkap gives the classification of a BUJP while the definition of each classification could be found in Article 3 of the Perkap. The different kinds of BUJP and each of its definitions are;

  1. Security Consultancy (Usaha Jasa Konsultasi Keamanan)

A security company could provide security consultancy services to their clients in the form of suggestions, considerations or opinions and giving management assistance in regard to methods and procedures of securing an object.

Not every security company could provide their clients with security consultancy as further requirement is needed. A security company that wants to provide security consultancy must have a security expert that because of their academic background/experiences have professional technical/systematic security abilities and skills.

For example, a security company needs a certification from the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) for them to give security consultancy regarding ships and port facilities.

  1. Security Devices (Usaha Jasa Penerapan Peralatan Keamanan)

Security devices could be one of the services provided by a security company to their clients. From its definition in the Perkap, a security company that falls in this category could implement security devices related to ways and procedures of securing an object.

The security devices that would be marketed by the security company must have a trial test recommendation letter in accordance with the standardization that was issued by the POLRI (Indonesian National Police) Bureau of Research and Development.

  1. Security Training and Education (Usaha Jasa Pendidikan dan Latihan Keamanan)

The next category is security training and education. A security company could provide means and infrastructure for its clients to hold practice and training in the security fields to prepare, increase, and maintain the ability of their security guards or Satuan Pengamanan (Satpam).

The level of security guards training that is allowed to be conducted by a security company is Gada Pratama and Gada Madya.

  1. Valuables Security Transport (Usaha Jasa Kawal Angkut Uang dan Barang Berharga)

Have you ever seen an ATM that’s being refilled? If so, you must also see that the employee who’s carrying the money cartridge is being guarded by at least one personnel.

This kind of security service could be provided by a security company for their clients and falls into the category of valuable security transport in the Perkap.

True to its name, the valuable security transport security service could also be used for guarding other kinds of valuables besides money. Valuables itself is defined as any object that has high values and – obviously – valuable that needs special protections.

  1. Guard Services (Usaha Jasa Penyediaan Tenaga Pengamanan)

The next category in the Perkap is guard services. As mentioned before, this security service is the service that many might consider to be the only service provided by a security company.

What guard services mean is that a security company could provide security guards for their clients to secure and maintain order in their clients work environments.

Gada Pratama is needed as a minimum qualification for security guards that would be provided.

  1. K9 Services (Usaha Jasa Penyediaan Satwa)

When you’re going to a place, let’s say an airport, and saw a guard dog with its handler that usually stand near a metal detector, then that place is have use a security services that fall into the category of K9 services in the Perkap, which is also the sixth and last category.

From its definition, a security company could provide K9 services for their clients to maintain safety and order in their client’s work environments.


A Security Company is More Than Just Providing Security Guards

Security guards play an important role in security services. But, as written above, security guards is only one of six categories that a security services company could be. Hence, thinking that a security company could only provide security guards for their clients is incorrect.

The term “security” itself has a broader meaning than what was commonly thought. Security means any efforts, works, and activities that prevent, ward off, cope, and coordinate with the authority regarding every threat and security disturbance.


So, How About Nawakara?

As an integrated security company with a framework of Plan-Prevent-Protect, Nawakara Security Solutions could provide a comprehensive security solution tailored to your needs. Ranging from security planning and preventive measures to providing security guards and security devices that enhance security in your environment.

With more than 25 years of experience in handling the security of different kinds of industries and being renowned both nationally and internationally, Nawakara Security Solutions are committed to be your true.


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