2024 Election Approaches, Nawakara Security Unit is Ready to Become a Strategic Partner of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) in Maintaining National Security and Neutrality

2024 Election Approaches, Nawakara Security Unit is Ready to Become a Strategic Partner of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) in Maintaining National Security and Neutrality

Jakarta – Approaching the general election on February 14, 2024, the enthusiasm of the people in welcoming the democratic celebration is increasing. Various issues such as the spread of hoaxes, hate speech, and disinformation surrounding the elections are likely to have a negative impact on national security. As informed voters, it is important for the public to participate in a healthy election process. Here, security during elections becomes crucial to consider.

As quoted during the opening of the 43rd Anniversary of the Security Unit (Satpam), Kabaharkam Polri, Commissioner General (Pol) Mohammad Fadil Imran emphasized the urgency of security and smoothness in the 2024 elections process. Therefore, a strong synergy between security guards and the police is important in strengthening national security, while also providing a sense of security for the public. In addition, security guards, who also play a role in protecting company assets, are expected to have preventive measures and handling to avoid potential security disturbances ahead of the democratic festivities in 2024.

As one of the companies providing Security Unit Services (Satpam), Nawakara is committed to being a strategic partner to assist the Indonesian National Police (Polri) in maintaining security during the 2024 elections.

Dino Hindarto, S.T., the President Director & CEO of Nawakara, said, “The security unit, as one of the functions of the police, is a strategic partner of the Polri in maintaining security and public order (Kamtibmas). This partnership is very important in this political year 2024.”

“The essence of the Challenges and Threats is predicted to increase compared to previous years. Therefore, synergy and collaboration need to be emphasized in security planning and risk mitigation from potential security situations that may arise. Nawakara, as a Security Services Business Entity (BUJP), is committed to participating in partnerships with Polri in maintaining Kamtibmas and neutrality during the 2024 political year responsibly,” added Dino.

In order to maintain neutrality, Nawakara ensures that all security personnel have received appropriate guidance to carry out their duties during the 2024 General Elections process. Later, General Election Commission (KPPS) officials can collaborate with Police Officers and Security Guards at polling stations to ensure the voting process runs smoothly and safely.

Playing a crucial role in the security world, all security guards at Nawakara have been certified as Gada Pratama. Some key competencies that can be equipped by security guards at Nawakara include preparing for task implementation, as well as other tasks such as regulation, guarding, escorting, patrolling, securing crime scenes, and handling hazardous goods and incidents. With these competencies, efforts to maintain public security in the political year are expected to be realized.

Nawakara is a private company that offers various security services. To date, there are more than 10,000 security guards who have joined Nawakara, spread across Indonesia. Not limited to physical security services, some integrated services at Nawakara include Consultancy & Training, Cash Valuables in Transit, and Daily Routine Solutions.


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