Nawakara’s Collaboration with Transafe in the OHS Training Program

Nawakara’s Collaboration with Transafe in the OHS Training Program

Jakarta – The OHS Training Program is indispensable for all industries, not to mention the security industry. First, to increase awareness of the need to implement K3 in the company and second, to prevent work accidents.

Deputy Project Manager for MRT Jakarta Project, Puji Suharno said that every work process in the company has a risk of work accidents, ranging from mild to severe. These accidents can occur due to unsafe workplace conditions (Unsafe Conditions) or due to worker negligence (Unsafe Action).

“Accidents that occur are certainly very detrimental to the company. This is because every accident threatens to cause loss of life and damage to company property/facilities. Serious accidents often cost the best employees of the company concerned,” said Puji.

Therefore, based on Permenaker 15 of 2008, every workplace must have a first aid [First Aider] officer who is ready and able to provide assistance in the event of a work accident or emergency. In order to be appointed as a First Aid Officer in the workplace by the company, the First Aid officer needs to receive training on First Aid in Accidents (P3K) in the Workplace.

In response to this, Nawakara Project MRT Jakarta (RO Jakarta) entrusted Transafe to organize training for first aid workers with Ministry of Manpower certification for Nawakara Project MRT Jakarta personnel as many as 15 personnel on 5-6 February 2022 at Padepokan Rajawali Nawakara, Bintaro, South Tangerang with satisfactory results.

This collaboration ended with the exchange of placards between representatives of Nawakara and Transafe, namely the Training and Operations Manager of Transafe Indonesia, Capt. Djemy Wagiu with the Deputy Project Manager of the MRT Jakarta Project, Puji Suharno, who was handed over after completing the training and certification of the Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) at Wisma Banten, South Jakarta (7/2/2022).

Puji representing the management of Nawakara expressed his gratitude to the instructors and the entire Transafe team for their excellent assistance and service during the training and obtaining the Ministry of Manpower license.

Separately, Djemy, expressed his gratitude to Nawakara because the company has chosen Transafe as a partner in the company’s Occupational Health and Safety (K3) training programs.


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