Media Visit to Jawa Pos, Nawakara Introduces Security Service Companies in Indonesia

Media Visit to Jawa Pos, Nawakara Introduces Security Service Companies in Indonesia

Jakarta – PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara conducted a media visit to Jawa Pos Group at Graha Pena Building, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, on Thursday, May 30, 2024. This visit aimed to enhance Nawakara’s corporate branding in the mass media while also opening opportunities for collaboration and fostering positive relationships with media companies.

The visit was attended by Deputy CEO & Transformation Satria Djaya Najamuddin, Head of Corporate Secretary Chiquita Paramita Hindarto, and Corporate Communication Department Head Syafrizal Irawan. They were warmly welcomed by Jawa Pos Editor in Chief Dhimas Ginanjar Satria Perdana, Business Manager Idah Saidah, and the Jawa Pos Editorial Team.

In her presentation, Nawakara’s Corporate Secretary explained that Nawakara is present to provide integrated security solutions, designing security solutions based on company security risk assessments through the implementation and collaboration of physical products, technology, and data analysis, while optimizing the security resources already owned by the company.

“As we know, companies in Indonesia face a wide range of security threats, from theft and infiltration to terrorism. As risks evolve, the ideal corporate security system today is vastly different from the security systems of past decades. Therefore, Nawakara continuously transforms by initiating and innovating the development of integrated security products,” explained Chiquita.

Responding to this, Jawa Pos Editor in Chief Dhimas Ginanjar positively welcomed Nawakara’s media visit. According to him, the information provided about Security Service Companies in Indonesia, particularly Nawakara, offered a broader understanding and revealed new information beyond the common perception that security services are merely physical and considered ordinary.

“We gained many insights from the explanations provided about the security industry. The information we received was far more comprehensive than what we previously understood. This visit presents a great opportunity for security companies and media companies to synergize in educating the public about security literacy in Indonesia,” said Ginanjar.

At the end of the visit, Nawakara presented a souvenir to the Jawa Pos editorial team as a memento, followed by a group photo. It is hoped that this meeting will open further communication and provide positive benefits for both parties and the community.


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