Getting to know ABUJAPI

Getting to know ABUJAPI

An association is a group of individuals or business entities that banded together for a specific purpose. In the context of business, an association plays an important role in aligning and developing its members’ business interests. 

These kinds of organizations could be found in different kinds of business sectors. 

In Indonesia’s security business sector, the security companies or BUJP (Badan Usaha Jasa Keamanan) have an association called Indonesian Security Industry Association or ABUJAPI (Asosiasi Badan Usaha Jasa Pengamanan Indonesia).

ABUJAPI was founded in 2006 by several security company owners with a goal to synergize and create a harmonious relationship between security companies in Indonesia. 

Their Central Governing Body or BPP (Badan Pengurus Pusat) is located in Plaza Basmar, Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 106, Jakarta Selatan – D.K.I Jakarta. 

As per writing this article, ABUJAPI has 16 Regional Governing Bodies or BPD (Badan Pengurus Daerah) that are located across Indonesia. 

ABUJAPI’s profile and history

Referring to its official website, this association was founded on 14th of February 2006 with a common goal of developing security company’s business and implementing the limited function of Indonesia National Police (POLRI) “MITRA POLRI” which is better known as PAM SWAKARSA (Pasukan Pengamanan Masyarakat Swakarsa).

ABUJAPI’s founders have the same interest and goal, which is to “gather, foster, develop business abilities, activities and interests, to be tough & professional, and achieve a safe & orderly environment”.

ABUJAPI functions as a “vessel” to channel activities and develop its members for the common goal of the association. 

The association’s vision is to “create an orderly national economy and create a healthy, dynamic, and democratic security business field for a successful national development.”

While its missions are;

  1. To increase the harmonious relationship between its members. To increase its members’ role for a successful national development, particularly in the field of security and public order.
  2. To channel its members’ aspiration and facilitate communication between its members.
  3. Bridging the interests of security and safety services users and ABUJAPI’s members.
  4. To help the Government/Indonesia National Police as a partner in establishing qualifications for security and safety services companies and supervising the improvement of standard quality.

What are ABUJAPI’s functions

ABUJAPI has eight functions in particular, which are:

  1. Being a vessel to channel activities based on its members interest.
  2. Being a vessel in nurturing and developing its members to achieve the organization goals.
  3. To play a role in an effort to realize national development particularly in the field of security and public order.
  4. To be a channel of its members’ aspiration and facilitate communication between its members.
  5. Center of information, consultation, advocacy, and facilitation of security and safety services business owners.
  6. To bridge the interests of security and safety services users and the members of ABUJAPI.
  7. The Government / Indonesia National Police partner in establishing companies’ qualification in the field of security and safety and supervising the improvement of standard quality. 
  8. To give certifications to companies in the field of security and safety. 

Nawakara as a part of ABUJAPI

As one of ABUJAPI’s members, Nawakara will be your partner in providing integrated solutions for all your security needs. From security consultancy and preventive security measures to providing certified security guards and the newest security devices to increase your security. 


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