Get to know Nawakara’s Integrated Security Solutions Products

Get to know Nawakara’s Integrated Security Solutions Products

What are Integrated Security Solutions?

A security solution design based on the company’s security risk assessment with the implementation and collaboration of physical, technology, and data analysis products, as well as optimizing the security resources that Nawakara’s clients/prospective clients already have.

Why are Integrated Security Solutions needed by Nawakara’s clients/prospective clients?

Companies in Indonesia face various security threats, ranging from theft, and infiltration, to terrorism. As risks evolve, the ideal enterprise security system today is very different from the security systems of the past few decades.

The use of manpower in security systems is no longer sufficient to answer the needs of today’s corporate security systems. The paradigm of integrating technological developments with the use of manpower in security systems has begun to develop and be redesigned to optimize the available resources.

This is motivated by many technologies such as digital patrol & incident management, Automated Visitor Management, Digital Surveillance & Analytics, and others that can be collaborated with human roles. This collaboration will make the work process of the security system more optimal, and responsive and reduce human errors, which in the end can increase company productivity.

Therefore, companies need security service solutions that are integrated with the synergy between humans and technology and are adjusted to the results of the security risk assessment of each company. The risk assessment will determine the services/products offered to the company (clients/potential clients of Nawakara) which include manned guarding and non-manned guarding services/products according to the company’s needs.

Integrated Security Solution Nawakara comes with prioritizing security risk assessment so that the security services provided can answer every security threat and challenges faced by every company.

Threats and challenges that exist will certainly be different and adapted to the conditions of resources, facilities, equipment, environment, and stakeholders of each company.

Collaboration between humans (manned guarding) and technology (CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm, Intercom & Door Entry, Visitor Management, and so on) is then integrated into one centralized Command Center platform such as the Nawakara Command Center.

Thus, all activities and potential security disturbances that may occur can be monitored, detected, prevented, and provide protection for all company assets, both human and goods.


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