Nawakara Ready to Transform “From Red Ocean Strategy to Blue Ocean Strategy”

Nawakara Ready to Transform “From Red Ocean Strategy to Blue Ocean Strategy”

Jakarta – PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) held the Year End Gathering 2022 event at the Intercontinental Hotel Jakarta – Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, Wednesday (21/12/2022). The event was attended by the Board of Commissioners, Directors, Head of Division Head, General Manager Regional Office, and Leaders from the Nawakara Group Business Unit.

The event was opened by President Director & CEO Nawakara, Ir. Dino Bimadwinanda Hindarto, ICPS, by giving a speech and presenting an overview of 2022 and the 2023 performance strategy. In his remarks he said that Nawakara must be a company that can utilize every business opportunity that exists.

“We have to be able to create new projects from our security solutions and resources. We also have to be able to move from Red Ocean Strategy to Blue Ocean Strategy, so that we can create new markets that have a big impact on company profitability,” he explained.

The man who is familiarly called Pak DH expressed his appreciation to all Nawakara employees for their performance in 2022. “Thank you for the performance of all Nawakara employees in 2022, this is a great achievement for Nawakara. Through the spirit of FAITH’s values: FOCUS, ADVANCE, INTEGRITY, TEAMWORK, and HOLISTIC, I believe we can all face the challenges in the coming years and make the best contribution to this company we love,” he said.

At the Year End Gathering this time, Nawakara presented a speaker who is a practitioner and also a business expert, namely Sammy Hamzah who serves as CEO of EPHINDO & Chairman of APINDO’s Energy & Mineral Resources Committee. In his presentation he delivered material with the theme Organizational Transformation: From Technical Capability, Analytical & Conceptual Thinking to Competitive Advantage.

“Organizations must make the right choice of organizational change model, because not all models of organizational change offered by various parties can be implemented in all forms of organization, because it depends on the field of activity, size or size of the organization, capabilities, and organizational environment,” said Sammy.

He explained, The characteristics of modern organizations tend to prioritize the process rather than the final goal. Modern organizations are characterized by work processes that are carried out in a team and coordinated structure, and place more emphasis on authority than command and control.

“Therefore, by looking at current business developments, organizational transformation is a must for organizations that are managed simultaneously by following the shifting characteristics of modern organizations. Of course, Nawakara, as a company that focuses on security services, is important to do in order to optimize all elements in Nawakara,” said Sammy.

The Year End Gathering 2022 event which took place with full of warmth and intimacy was closed with a question and answer session, giving souvenirs to the speakers, dinner and group photos.


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