First Time, Nawakara Conducts Media Visit to Bloomberg Technoz Editorial Office

First Time, Nawakara Conducts Media Visit to Bloomberg Technoz Editorial Office

Jakarta – PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara conducted its first-ever Media Visit to the editorial office of Bloomberg Technoz, a media outlet providing information and news about economics, business, finance, and technology, on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at Mayapada Building, Tower II, South Jakarta.

During this visit, Nawakara’s management team, attended by Deputy CEO & Transformation Satria Djaya Najamuddin, Chief Finance Officer Kalvin Naibaho, Head of Corporate Secretary Chiquita Paramita Hindarto, and Corporate Communication Department Head Syafrizal Irawan, was welcomed by Director Operating & Business Development Herdaru Purnomo, Director & Managing Editor Donald Banjarnahor, and the editorial team of Bloomberg Technoz.

Head of Corporate Secretary Chiquita Paramita Hindarto stated that this activity was conducted as a form of synergy to strengthen good communication between corporations and the media. Additionally, this meeting served as an introduction and informed about Nawakara’s programs.

“This inaugural Media Visit by Nawakara to Bloomberg Technoz, besides meeting with the media, getting to know each other, and discussing many things that can provide insights to us, also opens up opportunities for future cooperation,” said Chiquita.

Meanwhile, Chief Finance Officer Kalvin Naibaho regarded the activity as very positive because the meeting provided the latest information on business developments from Bloomberg Technoz.

“This is a good step, personally, I gained a lot of insights from the meeting with Bloomberg Technoz. One of them is information about economic, business, and financial prospects, which is very helpful for Nawakara’s continuous growth,” said Kalvin.

At the end of the meeting, Nawakara presented a souvenir, handed over by Deputy CEO & Transformation Nawakara to Director Operating & Business Development Bloomberg Technoz. Nawakara hopes that the meeting will provide valuable feedback for the future.


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