Strengthening Women’s Role in the Digital World, Nawakara Shares Tips for Digital and Financial Security Assessment for Women

Strengthening Women’s Role in the Digital World, Nawakara Shares Tips for Digital and Financial Security Assessment for Women

Jakarta – Until now, women often face various unpleasant behaviors in the digital world, ranging from online harassment to financial scams. Based on data from the Indonesia Digital Literacy Status, women’s digital literacy is not yet equal to men’s. Therefore, digital security and financial security for women are continuously encouraged to create an environment where all women are valued and respected.

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Chiquita Hindarto, as the Head of Corporate Secretary at Nawakara, explained the importance of conducting risk assessments in various aspects of life, including digital security and financial security. As a woman who has a career in the security field, Chiquita believes that digital security requires proactive efforts through in-depth security assessments.

“With the prevalence of digital crimes, it is evident that women play a significant role in building digital security in Indonesia. Therefore, digital security often becomes a barrier to technology use for women. Here, digital security literacy is crucial for women to minimize various risks and achieve financial independence, and build a safe and prosperous future for themselves and their families,” said Chiquita during her presentation at the Super WOWmen event organized by Bank Neo Commerce on Friday, March 8, 2024.

There are at least three (3) main things that women should focus on to stay safe in digital security, including:

  1. Be More Careful Using Digital Financial Applications

As the “finance minister” in the family, digital financial applications are certainly the main applications used. In evaluating such digital financial applications, women need to find out first about their reputation, security, number of users, and testimonials.

After knowing that the financial application is safe, the next step is to ensure our digital security. For example, not storing passwords using simple numbers like birth dates, sequential numbers, and so on.

  1. Avoid Using Wi-Fi in Public Places

Furthermore, what needs to be considered in digital security is not using Wi-Fi in public places to access applications that have substantial private data, such as digital financial applications or mobile banking.

This is to avoid easy interception accessible in public areas to retrieve data from phones connected to that Wi-Fi.

  1. Pay Attention to Requests for Personal Data Access from Online Lending Apps (Fintech Lending)

The phenomenon of online lending apps often occurs due to the low level of financial inclusion for women. To anticipate the theft of personal data in online lending apps, it is essential to pay attention to requests for access from the app on the user’s phone. If it is unreasonable beyond the regulations set by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), then approval of such access should be rejected. However, good data security is essential for everyone.

Through a proactive approach to digital security, this is also in line with broader industry trends, where organizations increasingly recognize the importance of cyber security measures. Chiquita emphasizes that women should continue to actively engage in the management and protection of digital assets as part of Nawakara’s commitment to ensuring digital security.

“Risks can come from various directions. Here, security assessments are essential to be carried out so that we can take appropriate mitigation measures. At Nawakara, we continually ensure in-depth security assessments at the beginning of each project to minimize potential risks. This approach not only applies to corporate efforts but also extends to personal financial assessments and digital security evaluations. This allows us to address unforeseen financial threats,” concluded Chiquita.


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