Nawakara Personnel Won 2nd Place in the Volleyball Tournament “PT STM Cup 2022”

Nawakara Personnel Won 2nd Place in the Volleyball Tournament “PT STM Cup 2022”

Dompu – PT Sumbawa Timur Mining (STM) which is a client of PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) held a Volleyball Tournament “PT STM Cup 2022” throughout the Hu’u District which was attended by all Security personnel in charge of the PT STM project and also residents Hu’u at the Volleyball field of Hu’u village, Friday (30/12/2022).

Didit Susiyanto as the Community Relations Department of PT STM said that this tournament was held in order to welcome the new year. “Participants in this tournament are not only security personnel but also residents in Hu’u sub-district, apart from that this tournament is also a gathering place for residents and employees at PT STM,” said Didit.

In this tournament there are two groups, namely the Men’s Group and the Women’s Group. As many as dozens of teams took part in this tournament, one of which was the Putra Nawakara team. Throughout the match, Putra Nawakara’s team did quite well and even managed to lead the match in the preliminary round.

Made it into the final round, the Putra Nawakara team faced the Putra Kadis Nawa team. In this final round, Men’s team from Kadisa Nawa took the lead in the first and second sets. However, Putra Nawakara’s team managed to equalize in the third set.

But unfortunately, in the remaining two sets the Men’s team, Kadisa Nawa, were able to appear dominant until they won 3-1 and won 1st place at the PT STM Cup 2022 for the first time since the inter-club volleyball event was held, defeating the Men’s Nawakara team who were satisfied to win 2nd place.

At the end of the event, representatives from PT STM, the Chairperson of PBVSI Dompu and the Government of Hu’u Village handed over prizes to the winners. The Men’s Group won 1st place for Kadis Nawa, 2nd place went to Nawakara, and 3rd place went to Soncolopi & Putra Rasabou. Meanwhile, in the Women’s Group, Putri Adu won 1st place, Cempi Family won 2nd place, and D’Rano Family & Family Rasabou won 3rd place.


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