Security Systems: What is it and How does it Work?

Security Systems: What is it and How does it Work?

Security systems are means or methods of security that use interworking security components or devices.

In Indonesia, the application of security devices is one of the services that could be provided by security companies (BUJP) and is regulated by article 5 of the Perkap No. 17 of 2006.

The article contains;

  1. Planning of application, design, installation, and maintenance of security devices besides firearm, tear gas, teaser, and explosive in which the permits are given by Baintelkam Polri;
  2. Setting the warranty for the usage of security devices.
  3. Prepare and train the operator to ensure the operations of the security devices; and/or
  4. Develop the procedures and mechanism of a danger or emergency alarm system for first aid purposes.

In Nawakara, the application of security devices that create a security system is called Nawakara Electronic Security System.

The aim of the application of this security system is to create a multi-layered security for your assets.

Security Devices used in Nawakara Electronic Security System

What security devices could you get from Nawakara Electronic Security System?

Ranging from different kinds of CCTV such as dome, turret, PTZ, to IPTV that monitored vital points in your area 24/7 to an alarm system, access control, visitor & vehicle management system.

To ease the integration of Nawakara Security System, the security devices used such as CCTV, access control, alarm system, barrier gate, swing barrier, among others, uses products that are compatible with the platform used in the security systems.

Where has the Nawakara Electronic Security System been implemented? 

Nawakara Electronic Security System has been implemented in different kinds of industry, such as oil and gas, mining, plantation & farm, power plant, public & government infrastructure, factory, warehouse, office building, retail shop, commercial facilities, residential area & apartment, bank facilities, educational facilities, and medical facilities.

How does Nawakara Electronic Security System work?

Every place has its own security threats and challenges. Hence, it needs different kinds of security systems. Nawakara Electronic Security System will adjust to those needs.

Before offering our products, we will survey the area to give an assessment of its security threats and the difficulty level of implementing the security devices. In this survey, vital spots in your area that need high protections will also be mapped.

Then, we will give our product recommendations that prioritize eliminating blank spots to maximize the safety of your assets.

We will recommend the installation of the security devices in spaces that we considered crucial and vital such as places with high traffic. This recommendation is done to ensure smooth operations for your business activities.

Moreover, our security systems service could also be integrated with Nawakara Command Center service that operates 24/7.

Every time a possible threat is detected through the installed security devices such as motion detector, infrared tripwire, or line-crossing, our team at Nawakara Command Center will respond to the alarm and send the security in the area to check on the possible threat and, if needed, follow it up to the central team.

Every log from the devices installed (such as CCTV, alarm system, or access control) will be recorded and could be given to you per your request.


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