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Potential threats in construction projects can arise from disruptions in access control, both for workers and material flow, which can cause delays in construction progress and increased operational costs.

Theft and vandalism can also occur when unauthorized individuals can access restricted areas.

This can be prevented with a flexible Visitor Management System and Access Control, CCTV Analytical installations that are easy and quick to move, and Manned Guarding personnel who can carry out effective outreach to various levels of workers. This security integration can help streamline the development process and avoid increasing costs.

  • Prevent theft and vandalism
  • Flexible VMS and Access Control

We ensure your safety beyond security protection.

The real solution for your security needs stand beyond physical protection. We take you one step further towards an integrated framework of Plan-Prevent-Protect, the comprehensive solution for protecting your valuable assets and preventing loss.

Nawakara Command Center

24 hours monitoring service with fast response unit

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Manned Guarding Service

We ensure your safety beyond security protection.

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Cash & Valuables in Transit Service

Cash & valuables pickup / delivery with secured protection

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Security Consultancy Service

Comprehensive security concept & solution

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RSO Consultation Service

Ship and Port Security Code

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Cash Retail Deposit Machine

Solution for retail businesses

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Security is everyone's concern but it's our business.


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