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With daily activities in the form of high-value supply chains, embezzlement and manipulation are threats that can directly impact financial and operational aspects.

The crucial thing about this threat is when embezzlement activities are so organized and involve several parties in the supply chain.

The prevention solutions we offer are not limited to Electronic Security Systems such as Video Analytics which can monitor the load of each truck, more than that, we can carry out security based on Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) for stakeholders. With this integration, we can protect companies from the threat of embezzlement and manipulation.

  • Protect the supply chain
  • Security based on SVA

We ensure your safety beyond security protection.

The real solution for your security needs stand beyond physical protection. We take you one step further towards an integrated framework of Plan-Prevent-Protect, the comprehensive solution for protecting your valuable assets and preventing loss.

Nawakara Command Center

24 hours monitoring service with fast response unit

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Manned Guarding Service

We ensure your safety beyond security protection.

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Cash & Valuables in Transit Service

Cash & valuables pickup / delivery with secured protection

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Security Consultancy Service

Comprehensive security concept & solution

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RSO Consultation Service

Ship and Port Security Code

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Cash Retail Deposit Machine

Solution for retail businesses

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Security is everyone's concern but it's our business.


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