What are the Main Duties of Security Guards?

What are the Main Duties of Security Guards?

In doing security activities, the importance of the role of security guards is undeniable. This is especially because security guards are the one that’s doing the day-to-day security activities on the field. 

In general, their main duties are to implement security and order in their place of work and its environment that includes physical, personnel, and informational security and other technical security.

Though specifically, the implementation of it should be adjusted with the security concept that has been made based on the risk and security assessment of their place of work. As this security concept is made in line with the goal of the company.

So, security guards not only should protect their workplace and environment, but also continuously support the company they are protecting to achieve their goals.

Examples of Security Guards Main Duties

To be able to implement security and order in their workplace, security guards should work in a team. Where a structure should be established so that all personnel are given their duties depending on their competencies. 

Here are several examples of security guards’ main duties:

Creating the Standard Operating Procedures

One of the main duties that could be given to security guards is creating the standard operating procedures (SOP) related to conducting security activities. 

The SOP might include procedures such as things to do in handling various security incidents, how to conduct patrol, and even how to be hospitable with people in their working place. 

This duty is usually given to security guards personnel that have managerial abilities and competencies or in other words, to security guard personnel with Gada Madya or Gada Utama competencies. 

Leading Daily Operation

Every team should have a leader and the security guard team is no exception. In a security guard team, leading daily operations means ensuring that all duties are done correctly by their personnel in accordance with any guidelines given. 

Hence, ensuring that all daily security activities are running smoothly and up to the standard given by the company that uses their services.

The personnel that are usually given the duty to lead daily operation are personnel that have supervisorial abilities and competencies or in other words, security guard personnel with Gada Madya or Gada Utama competencies.  

Conducting Patrol

Aside from guarding a particular location (static guarding), conducting patrol might be a main duty that is given to a security personnel for that particular day. 

Patrol is usually scheduled, complete with the name of the security guard personnel that is tasked to conduct it. 

The ability to conduct patrol is one of the most basic abilities for a security guard personnel to have. This duty is mainly given for security guards that have the Gada Pratama competencies. 

Quality Personnel

These examples given are only a small part of security guards personnel main duties. There are obviously a lot of duties for each one of them to ensure in securing and maintaining order in their workplace and environment. 

To ensure that all duties are done right, you need to choose personnel with good qualities. Having the abilities and competencies to do their job right. 

In Nawakara, we ensure that all of our personnel we provide have passed the required training to do all of their duties. 

Hence, all security guard personnel we provide are able to protect your facilities/assets and support your companies’ visions, mission, and overall goals. 

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