HSE Commitment in BUJP

HSE Commitment in BUJP

For a company, maintaining the health and safety of its workers while ensuring that its business operations do not interfere with the environment in and around its area of operation is an obligation.

The term commonly used to refer to the field that studies practices to fulfil these obligations is HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment).

A company’s commitment to having good HSE standards is necessary to ensure the sustainability of the company, which standards have been regulated in various national and international rules or regulations (although they may use different terms, such as SHE, QHSE, or HSE).

Implementation of the HSE concept involves the development of adequate health, safety and environment-related policies, procedures and practices. It involves management commitment to prioritise HSE as an integral part of the company culture. In practice, companies usually establish an HSE team responsible for monitoring, maintaining and improving HSE initiatives. In addition, regular training, audits and performance appraisals are also important parts of HSE management. By consistently applying HSE concepts, companies can achieve sustainable goals that include employee well-being, operational safety, and environmental preservation.

Nawakara’s commitment to HSE

As a Security Services Business Entity (BUJP), Nawakara also has an obligation to have good HSE standards. The commitment to have, implement, and continue to develop good HSE standards starts from the top management level.

There are 15 points that Nawakara’s HSE top level management is committed to, some of which are; ensuring HSE policies and related HSE objectives are established and in line with Nawakara’s strategic direction and context, communicating the importance of effective HSE management and compliance with HSE management system requirements, and directing and supporting employees to contribute to the effectiveness of the HSE management system.

Through the commitment of top level management and the support of other management and employees, Nawakara has been able to obtain various HSE-related certifications, some of which are;

  • SMK3 advanced level with gold flag achievement, which is the highest achievement that can be achieved.
  • ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Other certifications can be found on the main page of the Nawakara website here

Your Partner in Implementing Good HSE Standards

As a company that provides security services, Nawakara’s commitment does not stop at fulfilling good HSE standards internally. With more than 25 years of experience, Nawakara has been able to become a good partner to assist various companies in various industries in implementing good HSE standards in accordance with applicable international and national regulations.

This is demonstrated by the awards given to Nawakara by our partners. Some of these awards include:

SHES Award 2023 (Second Place) – Project MRT Jakarta 

The second place award was given by PT MRT Jakarta to Nawakara (Project MRT Jakarta) in the SHES Award 2023 which aims to review and evaluate the SMK3 performance of contractors and vendors as well as the performance of the Safety Management System at the station.

Zero Injury Accident 2021 – Arutmin Asam-Asam Project 

The award given by PT Arutmin Asam-Asam to Nawakara (Project Arutmin Asam-Asam – RO Balikpapan) is due to Nawakara’s consistency in maintaining and conducting good security by paying attention to OHS factors. Thus, Zero Injury Accident can be achieved at the Asam-Asam Mine in the 2021 period (1 January 2021 – 31 December 2021). This is the second Zero Injury Accident award received by Nawakara at the Asam-Asam Mine.

These awards are just a few examples of the commitment Nawakara has at all levels, in giving its best endeavours to help partners own, implement and maintain good HSE standards.

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