K9: The Role of Animal in the World of Security

K9: The Role of Animal in the World of Security

Have you ever noticed a dog that faithfully accompanies security guards in entrances of malls, offices, hotels, or any other public spaces? Do those dogs have a role in the security of an area?

Well, the short answer is, yes. Beside manned guarding and electronic security devices, animals also play an important role in increasing the overall efficiency of security. 

In this case, there are no other animals that have a more active role in the world of security than K-9s. 

What’s a K-9?

K-9 is a homophone (a word that is pronounced the same with another word but has a different meaning) for canine. A word that could be used to, simply, refer to a dog. 

But K-9s are not simply “a dog”, they are dogs that were specially trained for their task and duties in security activities. 

So, the dog that you see accompanying security guards has been through a specialized training to help people in security activities. 

K-9s Functions, Duties and Types

As mentioned above, the main function of K-9s is to help people in ensuring the security and order of an environment. 

In several institutions in Indonesia, K-9s are usually their own unit. For example, the Dog Detachment/K-9 of the Animal Police Directorate (Direktorat Polisi Satwa) in the Indonesian National Police or the K9 Unit of the Indonesian Directorate General of Customs and Excise.  

Their duties depend on the intended use. The Dog Detachment of the Indonesian National Police have the duty to detect dangerous substances such as explosives or find victims in search and rescue operations. 

While the K-9 Unit of the Indonesian Directorate General of Customs and Excise have their main function to detect forbidden substances such as drugs that could be hidden in an object, human body, transportations tools, or building area – both indoor and outdoor. Hence, the K-9 Unit is usually placed in spots that have high traffic frequencies (both human and goods) at the airport or port. 

The type of dogs used as a K-9 Unit also varies, based on their functions and duties. For example, Labradors or golden retrievers are commonly used for K-9 units that are tasked to operate in search and rescue missions. While beagles are more commonly used for K-9 Unit tasked to detect dangerous or forbidden substances. 

Nawakara’s Canine Service

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