Nawakara, Security Company with An Integrated Security Solutions

Nawakara, Security Company with An Integrated Security Solutions

As a security company with more than 25 years of experience in securing different kinds of industries, we are fully aware of every kind of security challenges your company faces.

We know that answering this challenge is not an easy matter. Every one of our clients face their own security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. For that reason, we, at Nawakara, are always proposing Integrated Security Solutions tailored to your security needs. 

Integrated Security Solutions

So, what is Integrated Security Solutions? Simply put, it is a security design that combines human, technology, and data analysis to protect your assets or facilities that started with security risk assessment. 

This design is obviously based on the challenges and the needs that our clients face. Furthermore, this design is created by optimizing any security resources that we already have. 

Because of that, Nawakara’s Integrated Security Solutions are always able to efficiently answer every kind of security challenge that our client has.

Enabling them to do their daily business activities with a peace of mind. Not having to worry about security related disturbances. 

Security System and the Advancement of Technology

The advancement of technology became one of the reasons for the existence of Integrated Security Solutions. 

On one hand, the advancement of technology adds to the already diverse security challenges our clients face. But on the other hand, the advancement of technology also became the solutions in answering such challenges. 

More than 25 years of experience in the field of security services indicates that we can adapt to those changes. We directly experience how the implementation of an ideal security system changes with the advancement of technology. 

We have a variety of electronic security systems ranging from our Intruder Detection System, Access Control System, CCTV, and many more, provided to answer our clients security needs. 

Each of these electronic security systems could work individually. But Nawakara’s Integrated Security Solutions will integrate them to become one system in a command center platform such as Nawakara Command Center. 

This is done to ease security management for our clients, increasing its efficiency and effectiveness, speeds up communications between us, our field personnel, and our clients, in responding and taking measures 24/7 if any security incident occurred. 

Data Availability

The advancement of technology also allows the availability of data that’s previously impossible to have. Such as a visual recording from CCTV or access log from an access control system. 

Having those data becomes important for further analysis of a security system to enhance its implementation for the security of our clients’ assets or facilities. 

By integrating every security system implemented, analyzing all the data from different electronic security systems becomes much more efficient. 

Furthermore, storing the data into a single platform helps our clients to access their data. Increasing their user experiences in accessing data. 

The Role of Humans

Humans still play an important role in this age of technology. We are well aware of that, and our Integrated Security Solutions shows it. 

We maintain the quality of our human resources that’s responsible for protecting our clients’ assets or facilities. 

All of our personnel have followed training and obtained certifications required by any related regulations. Additional training was also done to increase their soft skills ability. Hence, all of our security guard personnel are able to properly do their duties while also maintaining the reputation of our clients’ company. 

In addition to that, we also maintain the quality of our off-site personnel such as command center and Fast Response Unit team to monitor, act, and communicate security activities on the field. Giving our client a holistic and high-quality protection. 

For a more detailed explanation about our Integrated Security Solutions, you could read our article here. 


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