Nawakara Shares Tips on Instilling Security Awareness for Special Needs Children

Nawakara Shares Tips on Instilling Security Awareness for Special Needs Children

Jakarta – As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara participated in the Special Kids Expo or Spekix 2024 by deploying event security personnel known as P1 Force. The event was held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on May 11-12, 2024. Spekix is an important event that serves as an information exchange platform for parents and communities, fostering awareness and care for Special Needs Children (SNC).

Spekix 2024, organized by Zally Zarras Learning Center and the Drisana Foundation, focused on helping SNC live better daily lives. With the theme “Love and Kindness Unite – Illuminating the Path to Inclusion and Equality,” one major concern was the safety of SNC in public areas.

In the workshop “Security Awareness for Kids,” presented by Satria Djaya Najamuddin, Deputy CEO & Transformation of Nawakara, he discussed several aspects of security assessment for SNC, especially those with Autism.

One key session in the seminar emphasized the importance of collaboration between parents of SNC and public facility managers such as malls, hospitals, and playgrounds. The discussion centered on practical strategies for conducting security assessments and how public area owners can contribute to creating a more friendly and safe environment for Special Needs Children.

As a parent of a 17-year-old child with autism, Djaya shared his deep understanding that knowing the habits and specific needs of children is crucial in protecting them in public environments.

Having left his career to better understand his child’s condition, he moved his family to Perth, Australia, to participate in an Early Intervention Program and various therapies for his child. He stressed the importance of parents understanding how SNC react to different stimuli to prevent tantrums in public spaces.

“For instance, knowing what foods make them more hyperactive and harder to control, identifying entry and exit points in public areas, and informing public service managers about the child’s condition,” Djaya explained.

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of active parental involvement in the education and safety process. “Parenting for Special Kids or Special Needs Children requires a different approach, which must always be balanced with extra patience and understanding. It is crucial to continuously educate the general public to be more sensitive and inclusive of special needs,” he added.

Finally, Djaya expressed that for parents and families with Special Needs Children, having SNC is a blessing and should be cherished, as they will accompany their parents in old age. Additionally, having a support system to aid both parents and children is vital for their better growth and daily living.


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