Securing your House with Home Alarm System

Securing your House with Home Alarm System

2022 is coming to its end and the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia is well under control. 

Though the COVID-19 protocols are still being implemented, numerous activities done in public places such as schools and offices are slowly returning to its pre-pandemic state.   

This is also true for tourism, where travel restrictions have been lifted in a lot of places and in this year’s holiday season, people are starting to be able to enjoy their long vacations. 

But that also means that houses are being left empty. So, if you’re planning to go on a long vacation, make sure that your house security is properly implemented. One way to make sure of it is by installing a home alarm. 

What is a Home Alarm?

Home alarm is a security device used as part of the broader home security system. The main purpose of using a home alarm is to protect your house from burglary and damage in properties. 

For it to achieve that, home alarm is usually made up of several components, namely:

  • Alarm Control Panel (ACP)

The Alarm Control Panel or ACP for short, is the center of a home alarm system. This component function is to read sensors and give signals to alerting devices, among others. 

  • Sensor

This component functions to detect intrusions around where it is placed. There are several types of sensors for you to choose, such as motion detector sensor and glass-break detector sensor. 

  • Alerting Devices

As the name suggests, this component functions to alert (typically by making loud noises) the home alarm users of intrusions or attempts of intrusions to the house have been detected by the sensor(s). 

To produce the loud noises, devices used could be a bell or siren.

  • Keypads

Keypads are devices that function to give an interface to the home alarm user. 

By producing loud noises from alerting devices once a sensor has been activated to indicate a possible intrusion, the home alarm system ensures that the security breach will be noticed. 

Not only that the sound will be heard by people around in the area around your house (especially the security guard), but the loud noises will potentially scare the intruders before they are able to do their intentions. 

Hence, avoiding you from losing your valuables or even damage of your properties in your house. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, it is common to have a home security alarm system that’s integrated with your smartphone and other home security components such as your CCTV.

Enabling you to monitor the safety and security of your house from wherever you are enjoying your vacation. 

Securing Your House with Nawakara

The last thing you want to do is worry about your home security during your vacation. For that reason, we in Nawakara are ready to help in giving the best security solutions for your home security, tailored to your security needs. 

More than a home security alarm system, we are able to provide you with Integrated Security Solutions for maximum security.

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