Security Services as an Investment

Security Services as an Investment

“The problem is that sometimes people see security as a cost, security as a cost. Usually they see it that way. That‘s totally wrong in my opinion, because security is about investment.” This quote is a statement given by Dino Hindarto or familiarly called Pak Dino, President Director and CEO of Nawakara, in Nawakara’s inaugural podcast video.

This article will elaborate on that statement, looking at security services not as an additional cost but as an investment. But in more detail, this inaugural video podcast also talks about various other things about Nawakara such as an overview of the company, the services and products it provides, and its advantages, which you can see here.

Coming back to the discussion in this article, the question that arises from the above statement is, why is security an investment?

Viewing Security as an Investment

Every business industry has various rules and regulations, both national and international, related to security that must be complied with. It is the obligation to comply with these security rules and regulations that then seems to make these businesses see security as an additional cost that becomes a financial burden for the company.

This view must basically be changed. The various regulations and rules are actually made to create safe conditions in the work environment and a safe work environment will certainly affect the productivity of the company.

By seeing security as a factor that will ultimately affect the productivity of the company and not just limited to rules and regulations that must be obeyed, the costs incurred to carry out security to create a safe work environment can be seen as an investment and not as an additional cost that becomes a financial burden for the company.

Advantages of Using Security Services

A more profitable investment for security is to use a trusted security service company and can be your partner in every aspect of securing your business, as for the benefits, among others:

  • Cost Effectiveness

Every business industry has different security risks and threats. Without a proper understanding of the risks and threats, the costs incurred can become too great. Efforts to mitigate risks effectively can be made when we can deeply analyse the risks and threats.

For this reason, a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment (SRA) needs to be carried out by a Security Services Business Entity (BUJP) that has credibility and a long track record in each industry. So that the security strategy can be carried out optimally and the costs incurred are effective.

  • Reduce Financial Losses

By using security services, financial losses caused by security incidents such as theft of assets or destruction of business property can be prevented. Overall, the use of security services will prevent costs that may be incurred if security threats and risks are not optimally mitigated.

  • Providing Peace of Mind

Knowing that business assets and properties are always monitored 24/7 using the integration of manned guarding and machine guarding methods, to ensure the prevention of security incidents or rapid response in the event of a security incident will provide peace of mind for stakeholders

This allows the company’s decision-makers, from executive to managerial levels, to focus on operations and business development, without having to worry or put resources into asset security. 

The Right Investment with Nawakara

The examples above are just a small illustration of the benefits that businesses can get if they invest in using security services to create a safe working environment. 

With so many choices of security service companies available, of course, the investment must be made properly to get the expected results. 

Having more than 25 years of experience in security in various industries, Nawakara can help you to create a safe working environment to increase your company’s productivity.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start your security investment with Nawakara.


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