Understanding Cash in Transit Services in Indonesia

Understanding Cash in Transit Services in Indonesia

In the dynamic business world, securing cash during transportation is crucial. ‘Cash in Transit’ (CIT) services play a vital role in managing the risks associated with cash transport, providing security solutions for businesses and financial institutions.

What is Cash in Transit (CIT) Service?

Cash in Transit (CIT) is a service designed to securely transport cash or valuable assets from one location to another. This service adheres strictly to regulations in Indonesia to ensure maximum security during transportation, including the use of armored vehicles and armed escorts.

Services Offered by Cash in Transit (CIT)

Companies like Nawakara Indonesia offer comprehensive CIT services, not limited to cash delivery. These services involve armed escorts and are supported by integrated security technology (GPS, RFID, CCTV). The services are executed using several methods, such as:

  • Said to Contain: A pre-transport record detailing the amount and denomination of cash, ensuring no loss occurs during transit.
  • Count on Site: Counting the cash at the source before transport to verify the accuracy of the amount to be moved, matching existing records.
  • Global Count: Counting the cash again at the final destination to ensure completeness and detect any loss or suspicious events.

In addition to handling cash collection and delivery, we also specialize in the pickup and delivery of valuable items domestically and internationally, including gold, jewelry, secure printing, and artwork.

Technological Innovations in CIT

We use advanced technology such as GPS tracking and digital security systems to monitor asset movements in real-time. Modern technologies like apps for tracking transactions and vehicles with digital security systems play a vital role in CIT services. These innovations not only enhance security but also improve operational efficiency, making CIT services more reliable and secure.

Insurance and Risk Management

Given the high risks, CIT services are often accompanied by comprehensive insurance to protect against loss or theft, providing peace of mind to clients. Here are the types of insurance typically involved in CIT services:

  • Cargo Insurance: Covers loss or damage to cash and other valuable items during transport. It typically includes risks such as theft, fire, accidents, and other hazards that may occur during transit. This insurance is crucial as it protects the financial value of the assets being moved, ensuring businesses do not suffer financial losses from incidents occurring while cash is in transit.
  • Liability Insurance: Protects CIT service providers from legal claims arising from their operations. For instance, if a third party suffers loss or injury due to the activities of a CIT company (such as an accident involving a CIT vehicle), liability insurance can cover legal costs and settlement fees. This insurance is essential to protect companies from financially damaging claims.
  • Fidelity Insurance: Covers losses resulting from criminal acts like employee theft, fraud, or dishonesty. Given the high-risk nature of handling large sums of cash, fidelity insurance is crucial for protection against internal threats.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: Provides coverage for personal injury or death that may occur to CIT employees while performing their duties. This is important in high-risk environments where employees handle valuable items and may be exposed to criminal activities.

These types of insurance collectively ensure that both the CIT service providers and their clients are protected from various risks, contributing to the security and reliability of cash transit operations.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Several major clients using CIT services have seen significant improvements in the security and efficiency of their operations. Testimonials and reviews from these clients attest to the reliability and professionalism of CIT service providers.


Choosing the right CIT service provider is key to maintaining security and efficiency in cash management. With advanced technology and robust insurance support, your business can operate more securely and efficiently. For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page or call us directly using the number available on our website. We are ready to assist you with the most secure and efficient cash security solutions.


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