What are the Components of Integrated Security Solutions: Security Measure & Devices (Part 2)

What are the Components of Integrated Security Solutions: Security Measure & Devices (Part 2)

This article is a continuation of the previous Integrated Security Solutions article (What are the Components of an Integrated Security Solution: Security Measures & Devices (Part 1)).

Previously, 5 of the 10 components included in Security Measures & Devices have explained, namely Perimeter, Access control system, Visitor management system, CCTV system, and Intruder alarm system.

Here are the other 5 components:

  1. Fire systems

Fire has a huge negative impact on the safety of individuals, assets as well as documents and valuables. The effort to make an area or building safe from the risk of fire is to install a fire management system that has been integrated with the building, known as a fire system. Fire systems are categorized into 3 namely fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, and fire hydrant systems.

  • Fire Alarm System; The Fire Alarm System or fire alarm system is the main component designed and installed to detect fires, functioning as a warning and evacuation system that can work automatically through a detector or manually by pulling a switch to provide feedback to the main panel and other backup panels. This system can also be set to communicate directly with the Fire Brigade.
  • Fire Suppression System; Fire Suppression System or fire prevention system is an automatic fire suppression system using gas or other chemicals. The types of gas used vary, such as: FM200>HFC-227ea System, Argonite>IG-55 System (50% Argon/50% Nitrogen), CO2 System, and NOVEC 1230 FK 5-1-12/C6F12O.
  • Fire Fighting System (Fire Extinguishing System); Procurement, installation and design of the entire fire suppression system must be prepared in such a way that all equipment and fittings can function effectively according to fire suppression standards. Fire extinguishing systems, including: Fire pump system, Hydrant system, Sprinkler system, and so on.

The purpose of installing a fire system is to detect early fires and notify people around the scene to be able to evacuate or take emergency action in extinguishing and controlling the spread of fire and smoke.

  1. Parking management system

The parking management system is about ways that can be done related to the handling of vehicle parking. How does the system provide the necessary information regarding parking, available space, entry hours, exit hours, and gate access as well as handling parking fees that must be managed.

In the security industry itself, the parking management system is very important to prevent vehicle theft. Therefore, this system can help parking managers protect vehicles, and can help vehicle parking managers understand the location and scope of this system, thereby providing better security benchmarks.

  1. Guard tour patrol system

The implementation and arrangement of patrol schedules for security officers in an orderly and disciplined manner is a step that must be taken in line with their duties to maintain order and security in the environment.

This task is properly equipped with patrol data such as the Guard tour patrol system which is a patrol tool for security officers used to control and monitor security officers to carry out patrols, inspect every point, area of ​​buildings and locations. This system can also be used to ensure security guards are actually on duty and at a certain time at a location.

This guard tour patrol system has several benefits:

  • Facilitate security in patrolling so there is no need to take notes.
  • Improve security performance in patrolling.
  • Assist in providing reports on the results of patrols.
  1. Security lighting

In the field of physical security, security lighting is lighting intended to prevent or detect intrusion or other criminal activity occurring on company property. It can also be used to increase the sense of security for the company.

Security lighting is used to secure the area from uninvited guests, its important function is to turn on the alarm if it is blocked by people. Security lighting should use a type of lamp that will automatically turn itself on at certain hours, and vice versa in the morning.

The following types of security lighting that are commonly used include:

  • Solar powered portable work light for safety lighting at work sites
  • Outdoor garden solar LED lights (Waterproof wall light) solar security lighting for house front porch step lights
  • Motion sensor light for flood prevention safety
  • LED solar cell streetlight/outdoor solar panel solar lights
  1. Locks, key systems, and doors

Security devices today consist of everything from security cameras to doorbell cameras, to window and door intrusion sensors, to motion detectors. What all of these devices have in common is that they can work together to ensure your home, loved ones, and possessions are safe and secure.

Locks, key systems, and doors that are better known as Smart door locks are locks that have a more sophisticated locking system than traditional locks which still require a key to open. Keypad, fob enabled, wireless, and biometric are just a few of the types of smart door locks available. The smart lock door can be connected to the network and controlled remotely from a smartphone or computer interface.


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